Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 to be temporarily removed from digital storefronts starting November 8

Konami will temporarily remove Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 from digital storefronts starting November 8 as it works to renew the licenses for select historical archive footage used in each game, the company announced.

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Orchard454d ago

To be honest, I’m surprised Konami are even considering re-listing this given how they’ve abandoned their franchises and fans.

Maybe temporarily will become permanently.

VersusDMC453d ago

They definitely won't relist the games on the pretty much dead platforms they were on. If they go through hassle of changing all the cutscenes it will be to release a PS/Xbox/Switch collection on current systems.

Eonjay453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

Out of curioisity, why isn't historical footage a part of the public domain?

VersusDMC453d ago

According to Google anything before 1924 and anything that wasn't copyrighted 5 years after being publised is fair game.

Maybe the historical footage used in the MGS games might have new copyright owners and they are knocking on the doors of whoever is using that footage for a paycheck.

Maybe that's what happened because of what happened with writers suing Movie studios for rights to old IP like terminator, Beetlejuice and Friday the 13th due to an old copyright law that grants authors rights to their work after 35 years. Maybe that's what happened to the copyright of the old footage as well?

Or they are just negotiating with the original copyright owners? Maybe this is a ploy to get it for cheaper? Bluff that they will just take the games down for a cheaper licence price?

Who knows...

jznrpg453d ago

If they didn’t have plans to rerelease them they would just say they aren’t coming back . They may not release them again if whoever owns the copyrights are greedy but it would seem they are putting some effort into it otherwise they would say buy it now or else that would make them more $ now . I could be wrong but that makes sense to me .

TheEnigma313454d ago

This is exactly why i love physical media

Orchard453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

Well, in this case, describing it as a digital vs physical problem may not be too accurate.

If you already purchased it digitally, you'll still be able to download it and play any time - and if I want to go buy it digitally, I still can today, whereas I probably can't find a physical copy of it in Walmart or wherever.

blackblades453d ago

True as long as you bought something before it get delisted you'll still be able to play them. All the physical vs digital is nonesense now and getting old. You get screwed from both at the end of the day if everything goes down. Physical will have all the bugs because they need the 1st day patches and then some. About most dlc needs downloading so you screwed outta complete edition. I still dont see Sony or MS going anywhere in the next 100 years.

MadLad453d ago

People on here find literally every excuse they can to state just how much better and future proof physical games are over digital.

Funny, being I can play every single one of my almost 1000 steam games with no issue. And, even when the store eventually shutters, they have systems in place I can still back up all my games.

What am I supposed to do when my console, and even the discs it runs, break down? I mean, I can rebuy them, but that just means I had to pay twice for a game, and probably now at collector prices. Doesn't sound very future proof to me.

blackblades453d ago

That already happened to me on ps2. My stuff got stolen, I had to rebuy some of the games with allowances. Some games were nich I couldnt find them again.



We don't even need to loose the games in anyway for physical media reliability to be put to test, disc rot is a thing.

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IamFrasierCrane453d ago

This doesn’t affect anyone who has already purchased the game digitally.

GhostofHorizon453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

Just started MGS 3 over the weekend.
Wouldn't have affected me since I bought the collection a long time ago.

I'm more interested in the fact that they have to re-license historical footage constantly. At what point is it not worth it anymore? I can't imagine a lot of people are buying MGS Collection.

isarai453d ago

Dat all digital future 👌

Sephiroushin453d ago

What? You got it you can still play it just like if you got a physical copy of the game ...

FanboysKiller453d ago

How to get engaged with 2s story ? , can't get through the ship without quiting the game literally since forever.

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