RipTen Review: SOCOM 4 w/ PS Move Sharp Shooter

RipTen: Since its debut on the PS2, the SOCOM series has distinguished itself from the competition as a third person tactical shooter.

As a runanway success for both the PS2 and PSP, Zipper’s first PS3 installment (Confrontation) was considered by many as a let down. SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs (appropriately named “Special Forces” outside the US) was designed to address the problem of its predecessor.

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CrzyFooL2691d ago

Its def better with the Sharpshooter than Killzone was

lucifon2691d ago

And using a controller on both trumps Move. The only reason Sony are chucking in Move support to aloada' games which don't need it is in a (clearly) failed attempt to get the casuals to try more hardcore titles.

Any actual gamer will use a controller. Sure they might try the move but it'll be something you'd do for one session and think "hey that's cool" and never touch it again.


Yeah, because making crap games with motion controls to harvest on the uninformed is that much better, right?

At least they are putting motion controls in games we want to play, not just dance, fitness, sports, mini games and other casual crap...

lucifon2689d ago

Not at all, motion controls are largely for the casual, sure there's certainly a place in some hardcore titles for it where it's smartly and appropriately integrated. As it stands you're just talking about chucking in motion control support in games that don't need it, nor where designed for it in the first place.

jaredhart2691d ago

OOOOOH YEEEAAH! Sharp Shooting enemies is the way to go!

SpaceSquirrel2691d ago

Sounds great with the sharpshooter. The game is pretty good without it.


not a big socom fan but im all for it

ElDorado2691d ago

UNDERrated. Deserves a 8.

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