Playstation's Peripheral Problem | Triangle Squared Ep. 8

Playstation has a bad habit of not supporting the peripherals it puts out. Will the Aim Controller suffer the same fate, or will the the strong PSVR support so far keep it from falling to the wayside?

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Aenea1454d ago

There are already 2 games out now that support it and 3 more are releasing soon or getting patches to support it.

Am not worried. Let's wait it out a bit, ok? It's been only a week since the AIM released!

mcstorm1454d ago

This is still a big worry for vr. Having to buy the brand it's self and the addons and the extra add-ons for some games. For me is part of the reason vr will not be the next big thing.

Only time will tell though.

Aenea1454d ago

It will really be big, not with the current tech, but one day. Without the current tech and the enthusiasts it will never become more in the future. They have to start somewhere!

mcstorm1453d ago

Aenea I'm not sure vr is not new and is only good for something. For me I see AR being the bigger one but only if it can become glasses size device. Each to there own though but for me I just don't see vr being the next big thing.

chaimera0861452d ago

@mcstorm, I see them as entirely different markets. One is to put you in another world, the other is to put the game in our world. They have very different applications in my opinion, so I feel like there really isn't competition in that sense. Like you said though, to each their own. They are both interesting.

mcstorm1452d ago

Your spot on there they are 2 markets but because of this this is the reason I don't see it being the next big thing. I also think things like phone vr don't help gaming vr. I know quite a few people enjoy got a Samsung vr with their galaxy last year and everyone said the same thing is cool but nothing to keep you going back and a few saying I already have a vr headset why should I spend £300 on another one that is just for games.

There are a few things I think need to change and one is eveyone making vr need to come together and make them comparable with each others products but I don't see this happening. Microsoft may do this with the windows 10 and scoripo stuff but I'm not sure if it will help but like we said it's still early in the tech but psrv is missing games and also advisement space to.

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chaimera0861453d ago

Hey, I'm optimistic. Just cautiously so. I'm loving PSVR. Had it since launch, but there are definitely fears of long term support. Honestly, I've gotten my money's worth out of it but everyone has a different idea of what that value is and when it hits it.

IamTylerDurden11454d ago

Farpoint is $50, the bundle with Farpoint + AIM is $80. Theoretically the AIM cost me a whopping $30. There are 5 games confirmed to support the AIM, and if no other game were to be announced to support it (unlikely) i would've already gotten my $30 worth. I'm not worried and i'm in love with my purchase.

Sony Santa Monica is developing a huge unannounced PSVR game that should be shown at e3. I wonder if it has AIM support? Exciting times. ROM, AZ Sunshine, and Brookhaven should be fun.

chaimera0861453d ago

Arizona Sunshine definitely looks like it could be promising. I definitely hope this thing sees a longer support stem than some of the other peripherals that came out. I'm not too worried, as VR seems to actually be performing to a point where support for it won't lapse so quickly anyway. If anything Farpoint makes me want an even crazier FPS experience for VR. Really can't wait to see Santa Monica VR title though. Just curious what it could be?

KickSpinFilter1454d ago

Turn your overhead lights off, and or hold option button to recenter gun.

chaimera0861453d ago

Did all that, always play VR with the lights off, still kept happening. Still haven't been able to hop back in as I've had a crazy week, but I'm going to try this weekend for sure.

KickSpinFilter1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Hum could be spacing try to get a few more feet away from camera, had same issue moved two feet more back and it stopped happening

chaimera0861453d ago

Definitely going to try and change my spacing from the console. The game gives you a "cage" that you should be inside of, and I was definitely within that range comfortably. Going to try moving forward some, back, some, or possibly even moving the PS Camera. Hope I get it working right, because the game is awesome so far, but when you can't always aim down the sights right, makes it a little hard to play. Thanks for the tips.