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GameShark - If you're just into racing games for the way-to-pass-the-time fun of it, hey, you can't go wrong with a latest-gen romp like Dirt 3, the most recent entry in Codemaster's energetic rally racing series. Fire it up and enjoy the ride. Whee! Enjoy the graphics. Pretty! You might even come to enjoy the weirdly Tony Hawk trick arenas inspired by real-world gymkhana events. Crazy.

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JellyJelly2693d ago

What?! This game deserves nothing below 9/10. It's racing perfection.

SCW19822693d ago

This Reviewer is an Idiot.

kza2693d ago

This reviewer sucks the games atleat a 9/10 the online very addictive and as fair as a racing game an be!

stevenhiggster2693d ago

I am loving the game my only complaint is that its far too easy, the rally stages are pretty much just flat out all the way. I'm playing on the hardest difficulty, all aids off etc and I've only had to re-try one race to get top spot! Other than the difficulty though, it is awesome.

TKCMuzzer2693d ago

One of his bad points is "narrower courses". Has he ever seen rally driving or what? It's not skilful unless its narrow. To many gamers these days what it COD and by that I mean easy.
I also see you can't post comments on the article on the site, I can understand why.
Dirt 3 is a great game , end of.

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