An Important Message About Problems With PSN's Welcome Back Program

Josh Knowles from Gaming Irresponsibly recounts: After taking the day off to tend to my son, who was sent home from daycare, I was surprised to find out the the Welcome Back Program had gone live! After fighting through the error code 80710D36, I finally made it through to the marketplace. At this point, I was a bit excited to start installing InFamous since I never purchased it prior, so I quickly clicked on selected PS3 Game 1 and then selected the game to download. I recieved a notice saying I needed to add the Welcome Back PS3 Game 1 item to my cart as well, which it automatically did. After which I hit download and expected the long processes of downloading a large game to begin. Nothing happened initially, The button kept flashing like I was continually clicking it, although I hadn’t touched anything since selecting download.


Added steps to recover missing games

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agentxk2694d ago

I'll keep this updated

Nitrowolf22694d ago

If you lose the program
Account management
Transaction management
Services list
SCEA Promotions

agentxk2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I just got an email from her on that, updating now
Credit given too

metsgaming2694d ago

does that work with losing PS+ as well as the free games?

agentxk2694d ago

most likely, since it is a service

Toenado2694d ago

this does not work for everybody. Once i click on SCEA promotion it says Welcome Back: free ps3 game 1. Then I click on that and there are no more options to click. It just says

Title Welcome Back: free ps3 game 1
Starts 06/03/2011
Expires 06/03/2011
Remaining 0

Im not going to try to get the second game since it didnt work for the first.

M4I0N32694d ago

i seem to be getting the same problem, i managed to download wipeout hd after all the hassle, and then i also got the 30 day playstation plus program but now when i return to the welcome back package all i see is the playstation plus icon and i didn't get to retrieve my second free game :'(.

Chrono2694d ago

@atwon23 Try to go to View Downloads in the main menu (inside the PSN Store)

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thorstein2694d ago

I am so sick of the latest in VG Journalism. God this SUCKS. All info is available on PS Blog but no we have to have "journalists" continue to perpetuate falsehoods.


blitz0x2694d ago

Take a look at how many people it helped.

trounbyfire2694d ago

thanks it helped me a lot i thought i got screwed

FragMnTagM2693d ago

Has anyone had any success downloading the 100 free items in home?

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PS3ROCKS2694d ago

This happen to me to, but I went to the PS Blog and read a reply from Kristi. It took me 1 minute to find that out. I am so smrt

thorstein2694d ago

Rofl! Thank you. Me too. Bubbles for you.

RedDead2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Can't believe they are having problems after 43 days of fixing it. That error code is just annoying. Ah well I can put up with it. Free service. Get what you pay for. It's more of a hindrance anyway

slaton242694d ago

error because so many r on at 1 time i got all my stuff and my ps+

blackburn102694d ago

Same here. *hits RedDeadDestroyer with rolled up newspaper* Damn troll are everywhere these days

kneon2694d ago

It's inevitable, you don't build networks to handle the rare extreme peaks in traffic. It's just not cost effective to do so, you'd end with most of your network equipment sitting idle most of the time.

LOGICWINS2694d ago

Anyone know when we'll be able to get back on the PS Store? I'm already downloading my two free games, but I wanna get back in and download PS Plus.

slaton242694d ago

u just got to keep tryin i finally got in the error is due to so many goin on the store at one time

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2694d ago

DL'd wipeout, stardust, killzone and pursuit force. I thought the U.S. program offered ratchet and clank.

Achemki2694d ago

Need a European account for that one. DL'ing it as we speak.

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