You Could Lose Your PlayStation “Welcome Back” Benefits

Users who log in to the PlayStation Network this morning were happy to know that their PlayStation “Welcome Back” benefits have been activated, just a short period after the return of the PlayStation Store. Given the high traffic of the Store at the moment however, patience is required, or you may lose your benefits due to simple computing error.


This article includes a resolution to the issue of losing your download option, as described by Sony.

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Dart892788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

The only time it offered me to download a game was when i clicked on the the free psp 1 game.Does that mean i lost my other games???

Edit:Nooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo i wanted to get Infamous hope Sony can do something about this.

JoeIsMad2788d ago

If you do not have the same icons for your redemption of the PS3 titles "1 and 2" anymore, then yes. I lost my first PS3 title download entirely, then waited forever for the second icon to work.

gamingdroid2788d ago Show
SoulMisaki2788d ago

Article is Wrong. If you "lose your download":

Go to "account managment" -> "transaction managment" -> "Services List"

Then Choose "SCEA Promotions" or "Playstation Network promotions" (Whichever is in your region)

Choose your PS3 game or PSP game!

Simple really. I panicked too, but it's nice they had a backup plan like this incase the traffic was too high.

JoeIsMad2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

The article has been written for those who lost their titles, but includes Sony's official response from the PlayStation Blog.

Additionally, how can this kind of error happen - really? Why do I have to use a backward way of redeeming when the typical way should work just as well?

KingDustero2788d ago

You should read Sony's OFFICIAL statement before submitting crap like this.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to lose one's free games.

Don't be so ignorant and read next time.


Tony-Red-Grave2788d ago

happend to me too, only i checked the ps blog, all you have to do is go to account management>transaction management>service list>SCEA promotions and download from there.

if you get errors just keeo trying

X-DominusRebellis-X2788d ago

This is just bullshit. Why is it nearly impossible to just do something right without any hassle? I looked forward today to sitting back and playing infamous, now all I get is the stupid 8000XXXX error. This never would have happened if those retarded hackers had not ruined the past couple of months of gaming for us.

Bloodraid2788d ago

Not trying to be a dick or anything, but I find the irony in your comment hilarious.

First you start off by saying you were looking forward to playing InFamous today, which implies that you are going to download it as part of the welcome back package. Then you go and start bitching about how the hackers ruin everything.

Keep in mind that the hackers are the reason you're getting the welcome back package to begin with.

DragonKnight2788d ago

Shut up gamingdroid. Sony wouldn't hire you to wipe the collective... anyway, on topic. This actually happened to me. I'll have to try out their solution. Looking forward to some Infamous.

DragonKnight2788d ago

Yeah, this doesn't work. When I went into the area Sony talked about, it still only said one remaining download instead of 2. So I indeed lost a game. Luckily, I placed Infamous in the cart.

Biggest2788d ago

Here is a cool headline.

You Could Wake Up With an Elephant Penis On Your Forehead!

What's with all the bullcrap, No one is losing anything. If you were able to find it, it wasn't lost.

darthawesome902788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

disregard this comment somebody answered it above... so I edited out my previous comment

EskiJoe2788d ago

Hmm to me it seems, that it's Sony giving the games --- not the hackers.

oNIXo2787d ago

The guy who wrote this article is an idiot, that doesn't know what he's talking about and just wanted hits.

lil Titan2787d ago

@SoulMisaki are you Moses? Youve come from Sony to help the lost to find there way again!!! i thought i lost my download when it said i have 30 minutes to play then it expired. i called Sony but they couldnt take my call but YOU SoulMisaki NEW NAME Moses. HEY somebody give this guy saddles a staff and a robe

AngryTypingGuy2787d ago

Thank you SoulMisaki! Your way is better. After only a few tries, I was able to get both of my games to start downloading.

DragonKnight2787d ago

Well it seems I was wrong. After thinking I only had one game, I downloaded inFamous. After the download was accepted, the one game I thought I lost showed up in the services area. So yay, I get my second game. :)

There isn't much to Playstation Plus though is there. I was expecting to see DLC I didn't have for the games I own, or demos and such. Not much there. But maybe I'm not looking in the right areas. Anyway, this is a success for me.

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hamburger1232788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

If you lose your free games...

"If this happened, go to the XMB and under the PlayStation Network column, go to Account Management>Transaction Management>Services List>SCEA Promotions to download the game for that first slot."

Got this from a comment on IGN

RustInPeace2788d ago

Yes, this works. I lost my 2ed free game then came online to see if there were solutions and sure enough there was/is. I post the same exact thing here since many people tend not to read past the first few comments before going into a fit:

"1. On your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable navigate to the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB
2. Log into your PlayStation Network account and choose Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List
3. Choose “PlayStation Network Promotions” from the list of services displayed
4. Select either “PS3 Free Games” or “PSP Free Games” and then choose “Select Content"

This story/article is FALSE. Take it down before swarms of people just complain before doing research.

princejb1342788d ago

not even going to service list is working for me, it says content not found with another error
thanks sony for trying

RedDead2788d ago

Obviously Europe is a beta for the welcome back program...sigh

SoulMisaki2788d ago

Article is Wrong. If you "lose your download":

Go to "account managment" -> "transaction managment" -> "Services List"

Then Choose "SCEA Promotions" or "Playstation Network promotions" (Whichever is in your region)

Choose your PS3 game or PSP game!

Simple really. I panicked too, but it's nice they had a backup plan like this incase the traffic was too high.

TheDivine2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I lost mine but the fix worked. Good job sony, got wipeout, lbp, and kz3 dlc, comet crash and il get some discounted games also. They f'd up but this is redemption in my eyes, THANX SONY!!!

Everyone should get the psp games because theyre playable on the NGP so if u dont have a psp grab em anyways!!!

BryanBegins2788d ago

I was wondering about that. I think I'll download the psp titles just in case.

Good thinking, thanks.

metsgaming2788d ago

does this also work with PS+ ? I tried to get the 30 day ps+ got an error and it dissapeared? Would going through account management let me get that back also along with the free games?

egidem2788d ago

I noticed this error when I was on the PSN Store. Indeed there was quite a lot of server lag and interruption issues due to the amount of people who were logging on.

I usually got an error then that there's maintenance going on. After a couple of seconds, things would go smoothly.

Stewie2k82788d ago

go to account management then transactions then services and then the welcome back free game thing, it should let you choose them there. this happened to me too.

JonDiskonected2788d ago

account management, transaction history, service list

why this article was even made I dont know

Vherostar2788d ago

Why have 2 icons though? I dont get it?? EU only had 1 and the system worked a lot better than US no complaints of anybody losing games. All the complaints are coming from the way the US store did things.. Why can't they do anything together?

jdoggystyyle2788d ago

lol can sony EVER get anything right? my god

xAlmostPro2788d ago

you need to download the "welcome back" thing before it lets you access and download the games.

The error is only due to high traffic lol. I've had the error about 50times because i just kept clicking until it started the download, i have everything i want in 'downloads' but paused them until the traffic slows down :)

JsonHenry2787d ago

I never went back to begin with. Waiting for UC3 to even turn my PS3 on again.

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fluffydelusions2788d ago

I only got to download 1 game, the theme, and ps+ everything else disappeared for me =\

JoeIsMad2788d ago

Yep, and though the custom theme doesn't suck, the sounds that come along inside the theme really get annoying.

fluffydelusions2788d ago

I find the theme somewhat annoying but whatever it was free.

irepbtown2787d ago

From what I know, you can only keep themes and anything from PS + as long as your subscribed to it.

Meaning after the free 30 days, if you dont buy PS+ again you wont have what you downloaded. Sucks, only thing we keep are the two free games.

Just for the record, i got Little Big Planet n Ratchet and Clank.

Ares842788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I gained nothing with this pack since I already own everything they offer so there is nothing for me to loose.

EDIT - Just wondering the reason behind the disagree.

Nickster8002788d ago

You must buy a lot of games.

Ares842788d ago

Current collection is at 230 to be exact. That is not counting PSN, PS2 or PS1 games.

Reborn2788d ago

I think I'll hold off on activating my 30 days.

FAGOL2788d ago

If the Welcome Pack offer disappears from the store follow these steps:

-Go to Account Management
-Transaction Management
-Services List
-Playstation Network Promotions
-Then pick your 2 free games

Also I suggest downloading later on during the day because everything is pretty slow right now.