Japanese box arts for MGS, Zone of the Enders and Peace Walker HD Editions

The Japanese box arts have been revealed for the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition, Zone of the Enders HD Edition and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Queefy_B2699d ago ShowReplies(3)
LaChance2699d ago

Cant wait to play Peace Walker on my 360!!

blitz06232699d ago

Damn I didn't know it was only MGS 2 and 3 :(

crzyjackbauer2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

im just glad its coming out on consoles
the game is great but the lack of a second analog controll just killed it
it was unplayable in some points imo

why all the disagrees just be happy its out in HD im getting it for both consoles

squallheart2699d ago

You know when i saw the conference I was dissapointed to see that hes going multiplatform, but at the same time its expensive to make games now a days so its understandable. My only question, do you really think these HD bundles will sell well on the 360? To me it seems games like COD and HALO are more favored on the console but games that are unique or different always fail on it. For instance, ZOE is a different type of game that i feel it will sell more on ps3 than on 360. I don't sometimes i sense that certain titles do better on certain consoles. Also wonder what convinced him to go multi and if this new engine will have a basic plateau line games will reach in graphics like when other developers try to make each version look the same. Just some thoughts i have wondering now.

PS SILENT HILL looked great. I think im going to be scarred again. Even more so if they make it 3D ;-;

Valkyre2699d ago

Sure you cant wait. Your console has 0 exclusives. I am glad you found something interesting from PS2 era to play on your shitbox.

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slyrunner2699d ago

Wasn't peace walker a psp title? Was it a spin off? or did it connect to the whole story?

Nitrowolf22699d ago

It's not a spin off, it's an actual MGS game that has reference and key points in the Story of Big Boss. More of a prequel,Kojima stated that its MGS5 for him.

slyrunner2699d ago

ahh i see! then i must play this, not really a handheld guy, so i havent got a taste of this goodness

solidsnake2222699d ago

Wow, on the 360 too? Surprising since it is a psp port.

slyrunner2699d ago

Thats what i'm saying! Fan boy or not, that was a total kick in the ass, no one expected that lol.

solidsnake2222699d ago

I don't know why I got 2 disagrees. I didn't say anything negative about anything. I just said that it is surprising and stated a valid reason why. I own both systems and am obsessed with MGS so I will buy and love both versions. There must be some real die hard xbots to thumb down what I said. Come on people, this is a win win situation. PS3 fans get the collection they wanted, and 360 fans get what most people probably never expected them to. Be happy!

WetN00dle692699d ago

MGS is finally coming to a 360 near you........well besides MGSR that is.

TheDivine2699d ago

Right WTF 360 gets witcher 2, mgs peace walker, mgs 2-3. Whats next FFvs13????? Already have peace walker i hated how you pretty much had to have help but it will be fun on my 360 with xbl so bring it on. MGS5 multiplat incoming....

-Mezzo-2699d ago

Day 1, Both of them, I have played all the MGS games Except the Peace Walker, But i have not played any of the ZOE games & finally i will know what is all the hype about. =]

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2699d ago

I'll tell you this, you're going to play most likely the best mecha game ever.

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