Eye Of Judgment Backordered At Gamestop admin reports that his local GameStop's in Chicago are Sold Out of Eye Of Judgment and the GameStop Web Site shows it as Back Ordered.

Amazon now shows a stock date of the 27th of October for it to be in stock.

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gunnerforlife4881d ago

wow and it aint even AAA lmao this game is gone sell like crazy to yugioh type of fans

lodossrage4881d ago

Right now, I'm just learning the game. But I can see why it would start to sell out.

Taken this is only my first impression. But this game is DAMN good. And I don't even like card games yet I found myself enjoying it

ruibing4881d ago

It's a good deal since you get the game, the cards, setup, and the eyetoy all together.

season0074881d ago

i didn't preorder it and now i don't get a copy for my lovely weekend.....

Vojkan4881d ago

I am happy when i see this "experimental-fresh" games do well in sales.

Megaton4881d ago

Same here. This isn't really my type of game, but innovation is very important to me, especially nowadays. I'm very glad for its apparent success.

XxZxX4881d ago

ratchet and clank too sold out in my local stores, multiple Gamestop and Frys. I am forced to get it off

KINGDRAMA4881d ago

LOL: i got mine at walmart after trying best buy and ebgames around me.i tend to do that alot lately. walmart doesnt carry good pc titles for some reason though.(cod4/orangebox recently)

AllroundGamer4881d ago

well it's innovative, never before seen game, so i'm not really surprised, that it is sold out.

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The story is too old to be commented.