Quake Wars patch to add voice, better balance

In this news, Joystiq reports:

"Though they've just delivered what, by all accounts, is an extremely solid shooter in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, developer Splash Damage hasn't taken much time for themselves. For that is the horrifying double-edged sword of video game success, your fans may be legion, but they are also voracious. They are like vampires that crave content, and can be slowed in their advances only by nerfs.

For now, Splash Damage is satiating the hoard with patch 1.2. In addition to balancing issues you'd expect to be fixed, the patch will also bring some user interface improvements and improve bots. Also, you can look forward to full voice support, so you'll finally be able to tell if "PrincessTeddyRainbow" you've been fighting alongside is a Hot Lips or a Klinger."

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