The Eye of Judgment Review (GameSpy)

Pros: Combines paper gaming and videogame visuals; online player matching and leaderboards.

Cons: Loses some of the card-game feel online; can quickly get expensive; some annoying camera issues.

Multiplayer Factor: Good

GameSpy Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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shmee4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

Gamespy is the 3rd biggest website after IGN and GAMESPOT

decent score indeed

IdontTakeSides4105d ago

hmm im kinda surprised that this game is getting decent scores across the board for the most part..I thought they would have thrashed it...even though im not interested in it at all...nice 2 see the PS3 getting sum quality games...!!!

FirstknighT4104d ago

This is my honest take on this game. It's a good concept on paper, BUT how do you prevent people that you can't even see from cheating??? I'm not sure how the game is played but I'm guessing it's similiar to all the other card games and your only allowed the next card in the deck. The other gamer can easily have all his cards over and pick and choose. Need to hire some virtual referee I guess.

season0074104d ago

the only thing that is possible to cheat is to use photocopy to build an inexpensive playable deck instead of buying the expensive cards...good for kids i guess

OmegaKulu4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

1. u can't just photo copy card due to the specialize ink used (that what they say... i dont think anyone tried it yet)
2. you have to register the deck (30 per deck) to ur PS3 first(off-line), when u go online, u pick the deck u want to use(if u have multiple decks), and the random card draw will be done by PS3, not you.(so u have to find the card in ur deck once PS3 draws it and show on the screen at the beginning*5* and each round*1*.)
The rest just playing it...
Personally, i think that the random draw/find card is a bit of extra work on the player side... but i can't think of any better way to make sure people doesn't get advantage by drawing known cards.

Siesser4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

When playing online, you have to register your deck. So, however many cards it is you play with, you have to place them all in front of the camera first. The game recognizes and logs all of your cards, and thus, your playing deck is built. When playing online, the game then shuffles the deck itself and draws. It tells you what card to play next, basically. You then go through your deck, remove that card, and play it or discard it as you see fit. At least, this is what I've gathered from watching/reading so far. It seems like the most fair way to go about things that I can imagine. Random is random, whether you shuffle them yourself, or the game does.

gEnKiE4104d ago

It prevents you or anyone you play online from cheating. Im not sure how but they were talking about EoJ on the 1up show and they explained how it was done and said it was pretty affective on how it took care of things for you. Who knows though, im sure theirs ways to cheat....

season0074104d ago

not that i care but ya it might work

FirstknighT4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

Oh okay that makes sense now. I can see that working. Well if your into this type of thing than I guess this would be a must buy. I think this game would of sold more if they used a popular name brand like Dungeons & Dragons or Magic.

OmegaKulu4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

Well, the game is developed with the help from Wizards of the Coast, who made Magic: the Gathering, so i guess it shouldn't be that bad... in terms of CCG fundamentals.

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Gordii4104d ago

I would assume they put the deck near the cards or in something that the camera can watch so you dont cheat lol... I bought this and i am wating for Ebgames to ship it /Joy^^ i played the orginal game of magic the gathering not that Yugi oh crap. Alot of my friends that played that game are getting this one even throwing their M of G cards away O.o. Yes this could get expensive but its a game sometimes to be good you got to put money into it. *Cough*

Lumbo4104d ago

i shall pick up my preordered copy at gamestop soonish :)

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