AusGamers: InFamous 2 Developer Interview

At a recent Sony event in Australia, AusGamers caught up with InFamous 2 Game Designer Joe Ishikura from Sucker Punch Productions for a chat about their forthcoming PS3-exclusive sandbox sequel.

As per usual, this video interview is also available in transcribed form for those that prefer to skim. Topics discussed include the game's Deep South setting, user-generated content, carrying over your InFamous 1 save game and several probing gameplay design questions.

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CryofSilence2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

The interviewer didn't even know what a blast shard was and yet he criticized the first game? Makes sense. /s

On topic: inFamous 2 seems to be a legitimate contender for game of the year.

Oldman1002916d ago

I wonder if we'll be able to acquire the ability to summon hurricane katrina. Instant credit roll.

Son_Lee2916d ago

inFamous 2 is now a must-buy for me. Can't get it day one, but as soon as I have the money, it will be mine! The recent gameplay videos convinced me.

telekineticmantis2916d ago

but he was wrong. In most (modern city) open world games the cars stop...??? The NPCs were more lively and dynamically reactive then most open world games. Where in a GTA or Mass Effect most NPC's just walk around you or stand staring into blank space, Infamous NPC's run up to you and compliment or criticize you, call you there hero, point and pose, throw rocks at you if you're the badguy, throw rocks at your enemy if you're the good guy. I don't say things like these often, but I think there was a bandwagon of hate towards the PS3 at one time, and people don't wanna look stupid now so they make stuff up where they don't have knowledge, or critique, the problem is WE PLAYED IT, so who are you gonna lie to.