Famitsu scores are out, super mario galaxy reviewed

Ratings seem to be in now, more will come as it comes.

3 Kingdoms DS 2 8 7 8 7
Dragon Tamer 8 7 6 7

Warhawk 7 7 7 7
MotoGP 08 7 7 7 8
Scramble Commander 2nd 8 8 7 7
Opoona 8 8 8 7
Mario Galaxy 10 9 9 10
AC6 9 9 9 9

Family Ski (Wii/Bandai Namco/und)
* Use remote and nunchaku as sticks
* Talk to AIs on the slope and become involved in races
* Beginner, Medium, Expert ranks; over 10 courses
* Character customization

Word Puzze Mojipittan Wii (Wii/Bandai Namco/08/03)
* WiiWare
* Adds 20000 phrases to the dictionary for a total of 120000
* In-game prizes; "Moji-kun Collection" mode

WWE 2008 Smackdown vs. Raw (PS2/PS3/360/Wii/THQ Japan/08/02)
* Career "WWE 24/7" mode
* Tries to get closer to stars' actual fighting style
* Animation improvements
* Over 90 match types, including ECW rules
* Expands arena to backstage and audience seating
* Upgraded news system, complete with talking commentator heads
* Redone voice samples

Darkiewonder5968d ago

Still a little while before it's released here in the US ;3

Ri0tSquad5968d ago

another x mas of a wii shortage :/

RiceFiend5968d ago (Edited 5967d ago )

Super Mario Galaxy slightly better than Ace Combat 6? My non-existent respect for Famitsu as a reviewing source has dropped to an all time low(is that even possible?).

They are however, a great source of gaming info and news.

eclipsegryph5967d ago

You do realize that "Ace Combat 6" and "Super Mario Galaxy" are different styles of games, right? And that... well, people have a myriad of tastes?

Clinton5145968d ago

I just like seeing how their tastes differ from North Americans.

btw. Is Warhawk out in Japan yet? I've seen European players online but no Japanese as of yet.

LeonSKennedy4Life5968d ago (Edited 5967d ago )

I agree...but it will only be because Nintendo's holding them back...

The Wii doesn't deserve this hype. Does anyone even play their Wii's???

I'm getting Galaxy and...maybe Brawl. I've never been a big Smash Bros. fan, but Solid Snake will make it awesome...hehe.

Yay...there are now officially two good games on the Wii!

EDIT: I mean games that everyone wants to play. Wario Ware was AWESOME! RE4: Wii Edition was AWESOME! I played through MP3:Corruption...but after that...the thing just sat there because of Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, and...as of tomorrow...Ratchet and Clank.

I'm looking hard dude...and none of them are worth 50 bucks.

Rooftrellen5968d ago

You don't look too hard for good games, huh?

I play my Wii, and most of my friends play their Wii, too.

Heck, my friends without a Wii play my Wii...the one reason for MP3 multiplayer would be that, I suppose.

Let's say the Wii sold 10 million and the DS sold 50% better, 15 million. That is one console every 1.2 seconds. Nintendo isn't a big company, and no company that makes accellerometers is big, either. Producing that much isn't easy.

If you could show me how Nintendo could do this, I might believe the shortages are staged, even though this critical holiday season.

eclipsegryph5967d ago

I dunno, mate. I currently have 14 different Wii games, over half of which I've purchased within a week of release. I've no kids, just a wife and a zoo full of birds, cats and a dog. What can I say? It's a solid console with fun games. There's no reason to belittle the enjoyment other people find in the console just because you don't.