HEXUS.gaming reviews Table Tennis for Wii

Forget the lower res graphics with less detail in the characters… forget the controls seeming a bit odd that you have to swing so early… just immerse yourself in an incredibly competitive head to head session where you and a mate face off over the table. Unlike real life table tennis where loads of practice will see you winning, Rockstar's Table Tennis lets you grasp the basics and then, within an hour or so, be slamming the ball around the table like Forrest Gump on speed.

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ItsDubC6053d ago

Editor's Choice Award? Very nice.


Table Tennis (PS4) Review - Swerve This One | Finger Guns

Sean @ FG: With physics that takes a lot of getting used to, Sabec’s Table Tennis is a substandard attempt to replicate the real world sport.

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Rockstar Games Classics That Deserve A Comeback

Why should L.A. Noire be the only game that has all the re-release fun? WWG looks at other Rockstar Games classics that deserve a second shot.

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Fist4achin2446d ago

They've got a lot of great material they could draw from!


Koku Gamer: Top 10 Worst & Hardest Achievement Games

Koku Gamer writes: "We wrote the list based on the difficulty of the achievement as well as creativity of the achievements in the games. Developers either take their time or don't to come up with something that you the gamer either care for or don't. Here is a list of 10 we think are just wrong or are simply too difficult."

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iamtehpwn5536d ago

+bubbles if you can get it.

TruthBTold5536d ago

I didn't expect to be the only who only cared about the pic but then again....

Covenant5536d ago

I'd love to unlock that achievement.

iamtehpwn5536d ago (Edited 5536d ago )


---And I think I speak for all of us when I say, that's the exact kind of Red ring we all want xD

Highatus5536d ago


So thats how MS gets us to buy more consoles when ours break. Though word on the street is that patch TamponV3.1 should be released soon.

Triple ply!

iamtehpwn5536d ago

That's when my Ps3 gets x10 more play.

Ziriux5536d ago

Trophies are cute, and people seem to care less about them.

skip2mylou5536d ago

u guys gotta remember what is up besides the down their like the face what if she is ugly?

Ziriux5536d ago

Hehe, it really doesn't matter what her face is like, when the body is that fine.

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big shadow5536d ago

the achievement in dead rising where you have to survive 14 hours straight without dying is freakin hard

maniacmayhem5536d ago

The achievements in Metal Slug are nigh impossible!

Elven65536d ago

The achievements in Call of Duty 3 and Halo 3, more specifically the multiplayer are some of the easiest to get, they just require longevity, no uber skills like some of the other ones listed.

Covenant5536d ago

Star Ocean 4 has single-handedly killed my completion percentage. The achievements are doable, but many of them take an immense amount of time to finish (like the ones for trophies and item creation).

I'm enjoying the game, but I'm not confident about getting more than 500-600 points out of it.

Also, the writer of the article forgot both Chromehounds and Rayman Raving Rabbids as harder-than-expected achievement games.