Eurogamer: 12 Wii Games of Christmas

The nights are so long these days (sorry, nights) that you could dress them up in angry forum posts and call them the delay between major Wii releases. Of the 12 Games of Christmas features Eurogamer have done so far, this line-up saw by far the most chins stroked and calls placed in search of suitable candidates.

As ever, it's a mixture of games on the shelves already and a few more lurking on release schedules waiting for Santa's elves to whisk them off to duplication on a river of mulled wine with a hop, a skip and a Great Escape repeat to poke them on their relentlessly clichéd way. Play these when you're done toking along to whichever Connery Bond they broadcast opposite the endless videotaped church services no one cares about.

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MK_Red5614d ago

Metroid P3, Mario Galaxy and Zack & Wiki are easily 3 of the best games for any console.

As for the rest Wii games, Rayman Rabbids 2 is the best.

Leathersoup5614d ago

These flame wars are getting out of hand!!! ;)