15 game Xbox 360 bundle cheaper than PS3

If Microsoft's Xbox 360 price cuts have caught your eye but you're still unsure over which console offers better value gaming for your money, then are here to help. By combing some of the best deals on hardware and games across the internet they've put together a stunning bundle consisting of an Xbox 360 Arcade, two wireless controllers, a 256MB Memory unit, 10 retail games, five Xbox LIVE Arcade games and an HDMI cable for HD video output. All this for £296.90, less than the £299.99 RRP of the PlayStation 3.

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sonarus5487d ago

as long as there is no blu ray, it still has lesser value

5487d ago
THAMMER15487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

Only a hand full of games req. the HDD for online MP. If your not into that which most casual gamers are not the core is not a bad option.

Why do you people act like you can just completely avoid the truth. This is the internet age. You make uneducated comments that can easily be dismissed as lies and false because of your bias.

Click the link if you want the truth about the 360 arcade.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5487d ago

Many 360 games don't need a hard drive to play and will play on this just fine. It just doesn't support BC, which last time I checked ether does the 40gb PS3.

mikeslemonade5487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

And I suppose you can fit the expansions of Oblivion and GTA4 along with your other stuff on that 256mb unit. You do get a deal here but in a year your going to want to upgrade to better stuff. PS3 you are all set with a $20 bluetooth headset and a $5 HDMI cable. As a buyer why do I want to buy all the old games. I want to play the latest and greatest games coming in 2008.

ceedubya95487d ago

"a console is hardly complete without online MP."

This is not true.....yet. The PS2 wasn't known much for online play, and it is basically still kicking the crap out of every console out there. Online play is a good bonus though.

sonarus5487d ago

YES but it still doesn't support blu ray which makes it off lesser value.

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poopface15487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

most gamers buy consoles to play games. This comes with 10 real games and 5 arcade games. for the same price ps3 comes with no games, but home is free so in a few months I guess they can hang out in their virtual house while for the same price they can buy a game console to play their 10 games(crappy games?) compared to NO GAMES for a similiar priced ps3. If you dont think this is a good deal then your bind. And no, the thing comes with a memory card so you can play games online, just cant download abunch of content thats all.

Mr Playboy5487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

Last time I checked, Playstation and Xbox were meant to be video game consoles not movie players

Yeah one more thing,I didn't see any advantage the blu-ray got over the DVD (in games only)

Feihc Retsam5487d ago

That says it all for me.
If you like games, and aren't worried about Blu Ray movies, it's a no brainer.
10 retail games!
There aren't even 10 retail games worth playing on the PS3 yet.

jmare5487d ago

Please, please, for the love of God, LEARN TO READ! This is not an actual bundle! This is a simple slamming together of various finds of the lowest prices found for random items on the internet. You cannot go to a store or single site and purchase this "bundle". This is getting really annoying, that people are commenting on how great this "bundle" is when it's not even a bundle.

ColdWinter5487d ago

actually the 40Gb ps3 has BC it can play ps1 games lol

dantesparda5487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

I see that the "THAMMER1" has reared his ugly head. Along with one of his stooges (Jason360). But you two managed to completely miss Hatchetforce's point. He wasnt saying that you cant get on the internet with it, but rather that, you have to pay $50 for it, therefore add another $50 bucks to that price. Man you two are sharp!

And to fiehc retsam (Master Chief) with a name like that, what else would i expect you to say? Bias much?

wow4u5487d ago


"fit the expansions of Oblivion and GTA4"

What is *REALLY* funny, is that those two things arent even available on the PS3.

redwingsrock5487d ago

@ Jason 360

Either Does the arcade version for BC you need a hard drive to play original Xbox games, at least I can play ps1 games on the 40 GB lets me go back to the days of playing FF7 & 8 oh yeah!!!

cherrypie5487d ago

Xbox 360 Arcade is the best value in gaming.

cherrypie5487d ago


Its amazing that you're arguing the Xbox 360 Arcade isnt any good because games require online play.

Why? Because the Xbox 360 LIVE makes the PS3's PSN look like shiat.

So, yeah, online play is really really important. And, you can play online with the Xbox 360 Arcade. And, the Xbox 360's online play is VASTLY superior to PSN.

Its just a laugh riot that you're trying to say "Buy a PS3 for online play".

I lol @ YOU.

foodbox5487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )


"you have to pay $50 for it, therefore add another $50 bucks to that price. Man you two are sharp"

Wow. None of those (great) games need to get online.

Halo 3, PGR4, Foraz 2, Oblivion, Dead Rising, PacMan CE, Stuntman, Prey -- none need online play.

Now, you do need to pay $30-35 to "Buy" something useful for the BluRay drive dont you? What good is the PS3 as a movie play unless you pay for the movies?

Im trying to keep my cool in this forum at the moment, I own all the boxes, and I'm not overly concerned with paying $50 or $100 for my favorite hobby here and there, but there are many many N4G users who are tripping over themselves and being incredibly dishonest.

dantesparda5486d ago (Edited 5486d ago )

You're another one that's not to bright. Once again, you completely missed the point and jumped to inaccurate conclusions. The point is not that you need online for those games, but rather that you need online period for this generation in order to get the full experience out of it. You dont need to buy any Blu ray movies in order to get the full PS3 game experience! You wanna talk about people being dishonest!? Yet here you are being intellectually dishonest. And im a 360 owner by the way, not a PS3 one.

p.s. you need to get better reading comprehension and not let your emotions get the best of you. HA! you need to buy movies for the PS3 in order to get the full game experience

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LaChance5488d ago

that arcade bundle is hot.
I dont see how a casual gamer or a normal gamer who isnt a fanboy (90% of gamers) would pick the ps3 with no rumble and no games (bundled) over this package.
Ok there is no blu ray but a a casual gamer wont care about blu ray until blu ray is absolutely neccesary (when dvd is going to die).
No HDD : casual gamers dont play online , why do you think online is almost inexistant on Wii ?
Moreover most of those games are great.

captainpwn5487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

Maybe you should try telling that to the millions of Europeans and Japanese folks who see PS3 as a better value and are purchasing it much more than the 360. In fact, didn't you see January's NPD numbers? Even North Americans are buying PS3s more than 360's now. You can deny it as much as you want, but the 360 = an incomplete experience.

Everybody is getting Bluray in the future- even the xbots. Why not have it bundled into 1 machine. Everybody is moving towards wifi, if they haven't already. Would you want it built in, or pay $100 for an external adapter? And, one of the most compelling reasons to jump in the next gen or consoles is online. Charging $50 a year/$8 a month + money for dam wallpapers and avatars is a rip off when PSN offers it for free. Especially when Home and in-game XMB release later this Spring, XBOX LIVE will have no merit.

It's pretty clear many consumers can identify the difference between value and rip offs. Just ask the millions of PS3 owners worldwide. All consumers, casual or core, can realize the difference between the 2 machines. PS3 just has more to offer.

kevoncox5487d ago

Thsi site is the most pro Sony site ever.
I get banned from the gamerzone while all the Pro Sony arses run around there spwing garbage.

jmare5487d ago

learn to read the whole article. Or even the description. This is not a bundle. This is internet bargain hunting.

Pain5487d ago

"This site is the most pro Sony site ever."

Only Since 08 rolled in. that when Most of the xbots Changed sides or ran for the hills.

NO_PUDding5487d ago


Yes, well it was hardly easy being a Sony fanboy last year. You deserve this. :P

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kenjix5488d ago

Someone bought a 360 for my birthday and I traded it in for a psp.

Mr Playboy5487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

you traded your 360 for PSP ??

I'm sure your brain is worthless like an empty bottle

JasonPC360PS3Wii5487d ago

LOL you just got slapped down like the dirty street ho you are.

LeonSKennedy4Life5487d ago

I play my PSP a lot, guys...

It has good online play, great portable features, and a freakin' awesome lineup right now. GOW is great...and Crisis Core is coming out soon.

I'd suggest you do the same as this lad.

Then can't play Gears of War 2 on it...

I guess waiting for one game...isn't so bad, right?

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mighty_douche5488d ago (Edited 5488d ago )

Why are they pushing the arcade so much? It's just going to result in bad publicity when people start complaining they can't play "x" game or use "y" feature.

It's like selling a keyboard with a few button's missing, you might get away with it now, but sooner or later your gonna need that button!

The Lazy One5487d ago

Selling a keyboard with all it's buttons or selling a media keyboard with all the standard buttons plus others to control other functions on your computer.

Not everyone needs a HDD, and if M$ released a really cheap small HDD it wouldn't be as bad at all.

Summary: some people just don't need the extra features, and 15 games/2 controllers/HDMI would probably take up enough time for you to save up for a HDD.

wow4u5487d ago

You're out of your mind.

There are *MANY* people who would prefer this 15-Game Bundle.

What is wrong with you? Its *CHOICE*. For those who prefer the HD, he can just buy the Pro or Elite.

You're just a little bitter about all this arent you? Its okay. Its okay to make mistakes. You can still buy an Xbox 360, its okay to own both.

HadeShade5487d ago


Oblivion expansion is available for PS3 both DLC or in store.