Wii Remote: The best controller ever?

ONM reader Chris Rooke hopes Nintendo won't ditch the Wii Remote for the new console.

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2918d ago
Kon2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

No way. Dualshock is the best. imo of course.

hennessey862918d ago

id say the 360 pad is the best, its suited to my hands better. but again its personal preference. one mans piece of shit is another mans piece of gold

RBlaze2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I agree.. personally I think the 360 pad is the best...

But Kon's opinion is just a viable, as there are millions out there who think the Dual shock is the best pad (not to mention that all in all it's probably sold half a billion which weighs in its advantage!!)

It's all preference, giving one controller the 'best ever' label isn't really possible because it is FULLY dependant on who is using it.

EDIT: Plus, all controllers have weaknesses that are personal preference too! For me, the 360's dpad is its weakness... But I very rarely use that, so it doesn't weigh in too heavily against it (again, imo).

rabidpancakeburglar2918d ago

I don't like the 360 controller, it just doesn't feel right. And the D-pad is just woefully bad.

darthv722918d ago

from an overall perspective if not for the d-pad being a bit sketchy. Although i do have to say you get used to it. I'm able to play fighters and pull off combos using the d-pad.

For me the best controller was the genesis pad. the simple 3 button design and a solid d-pad made for good gaming back then. Until the SNES pad and then the saturn/ps1 and so on and so on and so on.

As for current controllers, the 360 is my favorite. It is why I buy multiplat games for 360 instead of ps3. Nothing against the DS3 but i like the feel of the 360 controller better.

Personal preference.

-Alpha2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

360 Controller is great. The D-pad has been fixed with the new Xbox controller, but I hate the lack of color on the face buttons for that controller.

My biggest annoyance with the d-pad is that navigating the sexy 360 UI is made into an unnecessary annoyance

Not a fan of how the SIXAXIS went though-- I was so used to the Dualshock 2 which I still think is superior. The grip and resistance on my SIXAXIS are inferior to that of the DS2's, as are the weight and rumble.

I also think they screwed up the triggers. The Move has a great trigger, Sony needs to put it on the Dualshock already.

On topic: The Wiimote feels great, but the GC controller was miles better, it fit into my hands perfectly

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user8586212918d ago

its a mashup of previous nintendo innovations hence not controller of the decade

jacksonmichael2917d ago

How is it a mashup? That's like calling the PS3 controller a mashup of Nintendo's innovations... Actually, not so much, because the latter is actually true.

chrisgay2918d ago

I'd definitely disagree with the Dualshock being the best- its all well and good, but it is very small and the left stick is in the wrong place- as the primary mode of control, it should be placed where the D Pad is, like the Gamecube controller (and others), which definitely is my favourite controller ever. The stick was also shamelessly tacked on following the release of the Nintendo 64, hence its stupid position.

The Wii Remote is very nice though, it feels great to hold, just the right size- there's something satisfying about it.

Rageanitus2918d ago

I dont understand why ppl say the analog stick is in the WRONG place... it moves just as fine on the bottom.... if that were the case I guess the right analog stick is also in the wrong place with that logic... in the end of the day the ps3 controller is more left handed friendly.

jacksonmichael2917d ago

Considering the PS3 mostly has shooters, it is logical that both analog sticks would be in the the same spots... That setup wouldn't make sense for a Nintendo controller, though (the classic controller is weird - I went so far as getting a modded N64 controller to use instead).

Rageanitus2918d ago

I say Dual Shock... because it can play ALL types of games with ease and it it is easier to push the buttons faster on the PS3 controller.

The xbox controller maybe more solid in terms of durability but its more difficult to play platform games and fighting games (just look at the dpad)

all I can say the design has been tried and tested and it will NOT physically break.

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Nes_Daze2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

ROFL, let me not state my opinion on this....joke of a title, because if I do, I will be called out on trolling for stating an opinion and thus marked as one, then the fanboys will have a feast on my bubbles. BTW, I think the wii's controller is far from the best ever...*hides in bunker*
Freedom of Speech goes out the window here on n4g, its all about how neutral you can be to not hurt the feelings of kids.

sarshelyam2918d ago

I'm sorry, but the Wii remote is anything but comfortable to use. I would have thought Nintendo would have figured out that if you're asking someone to hold a remote in the palm of their hand, the last shape you would adopt would be that of a a square...or rectangle have you. It's not comfortable, the ridges do not conform to ones palm. It's easily the worst controller Nintendo has produced and should have felt more like the Move controller which is contoured to a persons hand.

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