APB Reloaded Launches Open Beta With New Game Features and New In-game Items

GamersFirst today launched the APB Reloaded open beta. In addition to the long list of closed beta improvements already launched during the redevelopment of the game, the APB Reloaded open beta adds a brand new skill rating system, redesigned “witnessing” game mechanics, new items and weapons in the Armas Marketplace, as well as an additional East Coast datacenter to host the game.

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DirtyLary2925d ago

Gotta fire this up. Tutorial was brutal. This is one of those games that shine with friends over voice coms.

Drazz2925d ago

Gotta try this, at least just to use the character creator.

Stevo912925d ago

More people sud get this now its free, the original apb was awesome wen playin with friends needs a bigger user base tho

spartan_dx2925d ago

Been waiting for this for a while downloading now.