Experienced Points: On the PSN Relaunch Announcement

Escapist Magazine: "Kazuo Hirai, Executive Deputy President of Sony Entertainment, has made an official announcement regarding the Playstation Network attacks and the restoration of PSN services.

As I've said before, the behavior of Sony over the last five years or so has been defined and driven by a pervasive arrogance. From the design of the PS3 to the pricing, marketing, and creation of additional Sony products, this was a corporation who behaved as though the market was theirs by right. When the PSN returned, I expected more of the same.

I anticipated that they would be evasive about how the breach occurred, they would downplay the damage done, and that they would be flippant about the long-term impact of this event. I am happy to see that I was wrong."

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Silly gameAr3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Maybe he should replace that clever like picture with dork written beside him to a**hole. This guy sounds like he has a big bone to pick and this hack was just the thing he needed to blow his load. But, in the end he gave props. I bet that was the hardest thing he's ever had to do in his life.

hiredhelp3533d ago

That is a imature statement,
You really are a silly gamer..

Silly gameAr3533d ago

Sorry dude, but this was an immature article. I'm ok with you calling me silly. It is a part of my screen name after all.

Armadilo3533d ago

Come on dude its a thing of the past lets all just move on

mastiffchild3533d ago

Well, once they sort out their problems with the Japanese govt and get the store back up things should go back to normal anyway. I also don't see why there's this feeling that Sony have kept on being arrogant this generation-they haven't, not since around the launch and realised pretty quickly that they screwed up.

Personally, I waited til they stopped with the "two jobs" crap before buying a PS3 myself so it's something I actively watched. There have been the odd occasions since then but no ore than MS or Ninty so, rally, can't we drop this now?