Best Characters to Use in Star Ocean: The Last Hope

There are eight playable characters in the latest installment of the Star Ocean series. All of them are very beneficial when upgraded right but which four makes the best team?

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Warprincess1162797d ago

lol that was my party for the entire game

likerussia2797d ago

haha, me too! It made it alot easy for me to keep them all balanced like that, I tried the others but it just didnt seem right :)

militant072796d ago

that was my party too,

but god, that game was horrible, so is infinite.

Tri Ace only make shit

midgard2272796d ago

u troll, star ocean 1 and 2 are awesome, 3 and 4 were good, Valkyrie profile is AMAZING,as is Valkyrie profile 2 and resonance of fate was good. radiata was good and infinite wasn't that bad, Tri-ace is one of my fav developers.

just cause you didnt like doesnt mean it sux. I dont like gran turismo or madden does that mean they suck? nope

militant072796d ago

I like JRPGs, but I hate the shitty games Tri Ace make.

SaiyanFury2795d ago

Just because you don't like tri-Ace, doesn't mean they make "sh1tty" games. There are a great lot of us who love them. The first game I played from them was the second Star Ocean game on PS1 and to this day I'm still in love with them. Star Ocean 4 International was fantastic.

On another note, my party was close to that, except Arumat. I used Sarah instead as an extra healer and was greatly successful.

militant072795d ago

When I say they make shitty games, I express my opinion not yours!!1!

Son_Lee2796d ago

I always controlled Reimi because I found her easiest. Not to mention her blindside was awesome!

RankFTW2796d ago

This game made me cry, the ending was simply stunning.

militant072796d ago

If you actually cried for that stupid horrible acting, you have a problem, my friend.

Foxgod2796d ago

This game made me cry, it was bad :(

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