What Will The Big Three Have In Store For E3 2011?

E3 is very near, but what can we expect from Microsoft,Sony,Nintendo.
Gameinformer reports.

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DarkCharizard_4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

1. Uncharted 3
2. The Last Guardian
3. Twisted Metal
4. Resistance 3
5. Infamous 2

1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
2. The Last Story
3. Xenoblade
4. Kirby's Dreamland
5. Pikmin 3
6. Pandora's Tower
7. Rhythm Heaven

Launch titles, 3rd & 1st party software in development but won't be out by launch & a proper launch date for the hardware.

1. Super Mario
2. Mario Kart
3. Resident Evil Revaltions
4. MGS3
5. Kid Icarus Uprising
All for this year... Plus details on virtual console, 3DS shop, many surprises!

The Meerkat4280d ago

I see what you did there.

darthv724279d ago

you know with all this world ending talk.


Raendom4279d ago


What if they give us the most enjoyment from laughter?

mrv3214279d ago

Microsoft provides the greatest service at E3, every year million is spent at their press event in order to refill the .gif bank, and in 1 E3 Kinect alone produced more .gifs than any single event ever, it is believed that this could last us 10 years.

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HelghastDrake4279d ago

i hope eight days, Lair 2 with multiplayer, Syphon Filter, firm NGP release date and updated psn with cross game chat and im set!

4279d ago
Troll_Police4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )


Uncharted 3
Resistance 3
Twisted Metal
8 Days
The Last Guardian
Syphon Filter 5
The Getaway 3
Jak & Daxter 3
Sly Cooper 4
Heavenly Sword 2
God of War 4
Metal Gear Solid 5(exclusive)
New Quantic Dream game(makers of Heavy Rain)
New Guerilla Games game(makers of Killzone)
Dark Cloud 3
NGP games
NGP pricing


3DS games
Mario this
Mario that
Mario the other


Kinect Sports 2
Kinect Adventures 2
Dance Central 2
Codename Kingdoms(confirmed Kinect game)
Kinect this
Kinect that
Kinect the other
Free Kinect & Xbox bundle for everyone in attendance

4279d ago
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