PlayStation Network Web Sign-in Restored

TSA: Quick update on the whole PSN / email / password / hack / not-a-hack-but-an-exploit affair: the web based sign up and sign in is now up and running again.

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tehpees32712d ago

hopefully I can get my password back. I also hope the articles stop here

Mister_G2712d ago

Yeah, looking forward to getting back to normal :)

UnbiasedGamer2712d ago

Yeah I got the email but now that email is yeah requested email again...and wonder how long wait for the email this time...

Mister_G2712d ago

Should come through quicker as the website seems much faster now (Now that 1,000,000's of people aren't all trying to use it).

UnbiasedGamer2712d ago

Actually yeah it did time of writing that comment the email came and on PSN now :D although waiting for PSN store :)

Solans Scott2712d ago

Just changed my password. It's good to be back to normal.

diehardgamer10002712d ago

Even with this, ppl WILL find something to bitch abt.

maxcer2712d ago

I wonder how long it will take for some other Sony fuck up to surface. any time now, it's inevitable.