Starhawk has space environments, no PS Move support

TVGB: "Developer Lightbox's president Dylan Jobe has outed a few more details about Starhawk in his responses to fans on the PS Blog."

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slinky1234563529d ago

Aww man I thot it would at least have Move support...Oh well, gonna be amazing anyway.

Mc Fadge3529d ago

Out of curiosity, how would you picture Move to work in this game? Sure, the third person shooter elements could work, but vehicle combat is a large part of Starhawk, and doing that with one analogue stick is fairly limiting.

tehpees33529d ago

I agree move just wasn't invented for every game and some games should be left out. its fine with a normal controller

Ju3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Why wouldn't it work? I mean, be creative. If anything, Move has a bit less buttons which needs to be compensated with gestures (R1/2) - but it also has the "M" and trigger instead. Flying could work quite well with the Move, especially with the NavCon. And 3rd person we don't need to discuss. See Socom4. I have a hard time switching back to DS3. Only if I really must. So, obviously, I want all games to support it (like KZ3/Socom4).

guigsy3529d ago

Will it have SIXAXIS support like Warhawk? Or is that function officially dead and buried?

colonel1793529d ago

Officially dead and buried. Thank LAIR for that.

I don't understand why everybody hated on sixaxis after LAIR's failure. I know it was the first game to showcase the feature, and failed to do so, but it was also the first, so they could have done better games with better sixaxis. It was just that both fans, and developers gave up on the sixaxis really fast.

I love playing motorstorm games with sixaxis, actually, I can't even win a race without it. I used sixaxis on Warhawk, and hated analog sticks. I think it is (was) a pretty awesome feature that worked way better than the Wii-mote.

I also see the PS Move going the same direction. Almost a year since is out, and there hasn't been that much of support for it. There hasn't been any "good" games that are exclusive to move. I am waiting for Sorcery, but other than that, I don't think there are many.

marinelife93529d ago

I LOVE the Move with Socom and Killzone 3. I will never go back to DS3 unless the developer refuses to support it.

cyclonus0073529d ago

But isn't Move support is always optional in the games that weren't specifically designed for it?

RavageX3529d ago

This is stupid. Generally move support is optional. If you don't want to play with Move, WHY WOULD IT BOTHER YOU IF SOMEONE ELSE DOES?

What is wrong with this generation of gamers, seriously.

ZombieAssassin3529d ago

Can't wait for this game, I'm prolly exchange the copy of R:FOM i bought yesterday in for Warhawk to prepare for it (would keep Resistance but all anyone plays is 1 hit kill matches and that stuff is lame).

LOGICWINS3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I just gt done playing Warhawk for a couple hours the game is very addictive because u WANT to gt better, but its a love hate game. Most of the people online have almost 4 years experience with the be prepared to gt slaughtered unless ur on a team with vetarens. Im glad I tried it out, but im returning it to Gamestop tommorrow. I'd rather put that 10 bux towards Uncharted 3.

ZombieAssassin3529d ago

I have no problem with getting destroyed for a while, it was the same situation when I picked up Killzone 2...everyone who played was pretty much a Vet but after about a month or so of playing I was usually top of my team or close...good to hear it's addictive though and yes putting money toward Uncharted 3 is a smart idea.

LOGICWINS3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Yea, if u stick with it for a month ull def gt better, but the issue I have with the game is no matter how good you are, if ur paired with people who r clueless, chances r the other team will dominate easily. For example, even though im a noob and dying frequently, i ws doing MUCH better than the majority of the team..who happen to have higher ranks than me. This just goes to show how horrid a lot of players are.

ZombieAssassin3529d ago

Ha well I guess it's comforting to hear some players are horrid at the game, seems that's how a lot of MP games are...just a few good people on your team and you'll dominate which makes me happy as I usually try to find people who are passionate about the games they play and actually play the game modes instead of treating them like TDM.

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