Designer Hopeful PSN/XBLA Learn Lesson to Avoid Nightmare

"The PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade are the home of hundreds of unique software titles provided by a plethora of hard-working developers and publishers. Because of this, running and maintaining such extravagant network services is essential in not only making your consumers satisfied, but those who provide the content."

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Nick2120043532d ago

I can definitely see where the designer is coming from. Just imagine your job being held back due to another company experiencing issues.

AndrewE3532d ago

interesting opinion you got there dr. nick.

tmanmushroom3532d ago

I can just imagine how much pressure and frustration developers may have had because of the psn downtime. Also, it possibly may have hurt their sales. In the end, this security breach never should have happened, and hopefully the industry as a whole learns from it!

ShadyDevil3532d ago

I think people are blowin it all out of proportion.

mbsaeger3532d ago

Hopefully all of this was a one-time event that will NEVER occur again..

killajd3532d ago

I can see ur point on both company going thru hell right now with one being hacked and another being faulty systems not being able to update correctly. Now the question is could both companies have avoided their troubles to begin with? That remains unknown...

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