7 Abandoned Xbox Series We Probably Won't Get Back

Has everyone completely forgotten Blinx?

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WickedLester1437d ago

You forgot to add "thank God" at the end of the headline.

tomr29921437d ago

Indeed... Praise the Lord!

V0MIT_M0NSTER1437d ago

So glad that they won't mess with Banjo anymore.

-Foxtrot1436d ago

So you wouldn't want a proper Banjo-Threeie, Jade Empire or Kameo 2...really?

AZRoboto1436d ago

Or Crimson Skies. That was the shiz

FallenAngel19841437d ago

It's a shame we can't get another Banjo-Kazooie game

-Foxtrot1436d ago

Literally one that's called Banjo-Threeie and they start the game with Kazooie waking up in distress telling Banjo of a hardly nightmare while recapping Nuts and Bolts.

PhoenixUp1437d ago

Microsoft never could maintain a longrunning decent 3D platformers series of their own

AZRoboto1436d ago

I don't think "longrunning" is really necessary... Isn't Blinx the only one that got a sequel?

darthv721436d ago

Blinx needs to return if at least to show up Bubsy.

ninsigma1436d ago

Not sure if it was Xbox only back in the day but I'd love a current gen jet set radio!

Paytaa1436d ago

Jet Set Radio Future was only on Xbox. Fantastic game. Even better than Jet Set Radio for the Dreamcast in my opinion. Such a good soundtrack too

ninsigma1436d ago

Game was beast and deserves to come back on current gen. And hell yeah plus one for that soundtrack!

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The story is too old to be commented.