Minecraft on Nintendo Switch gets Xbox Live Achievements and Gamerscore

One of the most popular versions of the title is available on Nintendo Switch and it just got even better. The Bedrock version of Minecraft just released for Nintendo Switch, both digitally on the Nintendo eShop and as a physical release.

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Aceman18777d ago

And here's why Sony not doing it yet lol.

rainslacker777d ago

People are disagreeing with you, but you have a point. Why would Sony want people to get any kind of investment through a competing ecosystem.

I don't think it's their biggest reason for not doing cross play, but obviously, they probably wouldn't be too keen on such a thing.

gamer7804777d ago

Other games devs that want crossplay wouldn't have achievements. Th. Answer has already been revealed as a monetary decision

Eonjay777d ago

Yes its always about mon edy, for both. Nothing else.

Sharky231777d ago

I think at first everybody was in agreement and then MS dropped a money figure. Sony probably felt that it was unreasonable because they have the bigger install base. Nintendo needed this to happen so they jumped right in. That’s just my opinion I could be wrong!

rainslacker776d ago


True, but at the same time, allowing cross play opens up these kinds of doors. If the two companies talked about it as some point, then they both had their own needs for it to go forward. I doubt either of them just outright denied the other to be a dick about it. But I can easily see that the things one company asked for not being acceptable to the other, and as it stands, we don't know what was asked for, by who, or who couldn't agree with such demands. For all we know, Sony had some demand that MS couldn't accept.

But Eonjay is right. Money will have a lot to do with it....although I doubt any exchange of money would need to take place. But on the back end, Sony, or even MS, may have felt the potential loss to their own brand didn't outweigh the benefits to their consumer.


I couldn't say with Nintendo. I have this feeling they don't really know where they want to go with their online. I don't see cross play with Switch really benefiting or hurting their system, because I don't really think Nintendo's main focus is online gaming to such a high degree to begin with. Nintendo is just starting up their online service, and I feel it's going to go through some growing pains. I hope that what they're doing works out for them, and if anything, maybe between them and MS, they'll show that cross play isn't going to be an issue no matter how it plays out.

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porkChop777d ago

This is the only game that does this. And that's because it's published by Microsoft and uses Xbox Live as its online platform. None of the other cross play games do this.

777d ago
Vrabstin777d ago

The overwhelming disagrees to people providing remarks that are more than just opinion but are actually true is just sad. I'm sorry I mean pathetic. It would not be a good idea for Sony to do this same thing.

SuperSonic91777d ago

Blunder Twins power activate!
Phil and Reggie!

BloodyBorne777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

Don’t know why you’re getting downvotes. It’s the truth. Just more fabricated outrage.

G3ng4r776d ago

Nintendo doesn't mind the online help I'm sure. Also sure ps4 base would keep their trophy system.

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badz149777d ago

Wow...nice job MS. Invading the Switch now, are we?

Prince_TFK777d ago

It’s call cooperation? Not that Sony knows anything about it though.

King_Lothric777d ago

It is called the weakest systems trying to survive. Not that Sony knows anything about it.

Prince_TFK777d ago

Are you saying that the Switch and the X1 are dying?

Eonjay777d ago

Sony is under no obligation to host the competitors ecosystem on it's own paid service. At all. They don't owe you anything. You are not entitled to PSN.

mcstorm777d ago

King_Lothric do you remember a console called the PlayStation Vita? Oooo I guess that's not counted because it sold poor and had no support at all from Sony?

Come on Sony have messed up a few times some times it hurts them others it dose not. VR was the next big thing and we are still waiting with less and less games adapting vr.
Move ps eye also devices that have slid back into the shadows. All 3 have made mistakes this gen and all 3 are trying to put them right.
Cross play though is one Sony need to out right. Why should everyone not be able to play each other no matter the console if you own the same game for me this is kind of where Sony have a 1up and one down on Microsoft as if they open it up to work with everyone else they have the exclusives locked up at the moment so more reason for people to cross play on a PS4 over the other two but psn is still not as good as live and online play is better on the xbox. That makes it an interesting battle as for the switch well Nintendo have a lot of catching up to do online side but Nintendo gamers do like Nintendo games and if games like fortnight, Minecraft and more are cross play on it the better for Nintendo.

For me ide just love to be able to play my ps or switch friends from my Xbox or when our and about from my switch and pickup from where I left off to. Times have moved on it should not be a closed system anymore for gaming no matter th IP or console.

Dragonscale777d ago

@kun, its called common sense fgs. The last thing sony needs is any form of 'cooperation' with ms and xbox.

Prince_TFK777d ago (Edited 777d ago )


Yeah and Sony can keep being all high and mighty as much as they want. Pretty soon they will be the odd man out and the only one who can’t play nice with others.

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aconnellan777d ago

“Invading the switch now, are we?”

Yeah, I’m sure this was a shady move that Nintendo had no hand in, or knowledge of, before it actually happened. It’s really a clever ruse so MS can have more people getting achievements. Curse them! Next thing you know, Switch players will be forced to by an Xbox in order to verify Minecraft on their Switch! Diabolical!


letsa_go777d ago

I guarantee Microsoft will add these numbers into their xbox live engagement statistics! 100 million creepers exploded through xbox live on switch and xbox one!

badz149777d ago

Stay tune for NPD reports next month

Cheesetoenails776d ago (Edited 776d ago )

invading..hahahahahahaha enjoy your CLOSED ecosystem then. Cooperation is now a bad thing?

its so amazing that when they "accidentally" allowed cross play on another game there was no outrage from Sony fans.

rainslacker776d ago (Edited 776d ago )

Hate to break it to you, but XBL is a closed ecosystem. MS wants nothing more than to make their ecosystem as closed as possible. This achievement thing just brings them more users, which is what they want. It works out for the gamer, but it's not like they're doing it because they're amazingly altruistic.

Personally, I'd rather that Nintendo just make their own achievement system. That's something they are way behind on, and there is no reason not to have it. I'd imagine more people would care about that than they'd care about playing minecraft with Xbox players. But to date, we haven't seen a lot of Switch players caring about achievements take that for what it's worth.

thexmanone776d ago

They own Minecraft, why not

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Ninte777d ago

Wow! First the minecraft play together video, then twitter and now this. What's next?

Kabaneri777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

Drake plays crossplay Minecraft with Ninja on Switch.

King_Lothric777d ago

I don't want any intrusive Xbox stuff on my Playstation ecosystem. I understand that when you are surviving in the market you need to do things you may not like to survive. Sony is not on this position so it doesn't need to help the competition to survive.

porkChop777d ago

Achievements and gamerscore are no more intrusive than trophies and levels on PS. It's the same system, just with different branding. Not liking the idea of having Xbox stuff is fine, I do personally think it's a little weird, but I wouldn't say it's intrusive.

Kingthrash360777d ago

It exposes your userbase to the competition. It shows what the true plan is

Dragonscale777d ago

No thanks pork. Don't want anything xbox related on my PlayStation account fgs.

aconnellan777d ago


*achievement pops on PlayStation version of Minecraft, notifies Microsoft headquarters*

“Mr Spencer, we did it! We finally got achievements to come up on PS games!”

“Great work! Now remind me again... what does this actually get us?”

“... I’ll have to double check our ‘clever ruse’ manual and get back to you, because I really don’t know”

Tell me. What is their ‘true plan’?

porkChop777d ago


Did you read all of my comment? I agree it's weird, I don't want it either. I just don't think it's "intrusive". It works the same way as PS trophies do.

rainslacker776d ago


What does it get MS? It gets them direct access to Nintendo's user base. They now have a email address of a Nintendo user. MS can, and likely will, send out marketing directly to those people, circumventing every compliance standard in place in how 3rd party publishers are allowed to contact said systems user base. I'm almost positive this is why Sony wouldn't allow it on PSN, despite not disallowing 3rd party accounts.

On top of that, it gets them yet another MAU. Something that's very important to MS, because that's what they're using to report to investors on their future potential, and current standings. That means that the bigger the numbers go, the more their stocks are worth. Hence, more money to work with.

Beyond that, it gets people invested in their ecosystem in some way. That's good for MS, not so good for Nintendo if people decide to move over to Xbox for some reason.

This whole thing seems like it's much more beneficial for MS than it is Nintendo. I'm not really sure what Nintendo is getting out of it, and seems like a lot to risk just to have one game with cross play to have some good PR and a way to promote their own online service.

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DwightSchrute01777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

The competition are surviving just fine. Every sony fan acts like they got 80 million users over night. It's taken years for them to get to that number and if switch came out decades ago at the same time it would have the same user base or more by now. Sony fanboys like to selectively forget this fact though

XabiDaChosenOne777d ago

It took Sony a little more than four years to get to this point not "decades" and the WiiU released an entire year before the PS4 and it isat 1/8th of the sales what's your excuse for that?

DwightSchrute01777d ago

@XsbiDaChosenOne Wii U an d the switch are 2 different consoles. Any idiot can see that. Was the Wii U marketed as well as the switch Is? Could you play the Wii U on the go? Did the Wii U have as much 3rd party support as the switch. No.

Another selective with information sony fanboy.

DialgaMarine777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

Wii U had better third party support than Switch. Wii U had CoD, AC, ME, Aliens, Darksiders, Far Cry, and Madden. Had these games not sold so poorly, Wii U would’ve at least continued to see installments of those. Switch only really gets third party support through Bethesda, Japanese titles, and a couple sports franchise. It’s basically missing everything else.

PS4 is doing better than you think. 3DS launches 2 1/2 years before PS4, and PS4 still outsold 3DS before hitting its 4 year anniversary.

microgenius777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

A console without exclusive tied with a mini console without 3rd party and still beaten by THE KING
Losers are trying their best to gain a little momentum
just make games instead of this ridiculous gimmicky features

Cheesetoenails776d ago

which has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand.

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