EA Talks Army of Two Delay

"Just a few minutes go, Electronic Arts announced they are officially pushing back Army of Two from its Fall 2007 release date on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to First Quarter 2008, which means we should see the final product before March 2008. 1UP chatted with VP and General Manager of EA Montreal and Army of Two Executive Producer Alan Tascan about why the company decided to announce the delay so late in the game". - 1UP

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Bazookajoe_834018d ago

Every game thats delayed they announce like 1 month before, it´s annoying.

joydestroy4018d ago

yeah, it's becoming very annoying.

AngryTypingGuy4018d ago

I'm OK with it. With the Orange Box, Mass Effect, etc., I wasn't going to get around to it for a little bit anyway. I will definitely get AO2 though, it looks awesome.

rbanke4018d ago

It seems with nearly all the recent games, take their release date, add 3-6 months and you have the real release.

DEADEND4018d ago

Well I guess there's a ton of games to look forward to next year, it's too bad because I know a couple of people who wanted to get this game right away. The way I see it as I save a ton of money this year and more game to look forward to for the PS3 even if it is on the 360 as well.

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