Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts 31st December 2019 - 6th January 2020

Neil writes: "2019 is done, and 2020 is ready to roll. But in amongst all the changes, there is one unique constant, that of the brilliance of the Xbox Deals With Gold Sale. And once more the sale is back to provide a whole host of cut price gaming goodies for Xbox players to hunt down, with the sale for 31st December 2019 - 6th January 2020 continuing the Countdown to the new year, coming full of gaming opportunities."

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Jakens1602d ago

Some deals are good till Jan 2nd, some Jan 6th. Check item first.


5 Years On, A Way Out Set A Co-Op Gaming Standard

Cultured Vultures: While Hazelight might have found even more success with It Takes Two, we shouldn't forget how game-changing A Way Out was.

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FallenAngel1984424d ago

A co-op only game should never be a standard

What works for one game shouldn’t suddenly be applied for most other games

MadLad424d ago

All they're saying is it set a standard for co-op games. Not games in general.

Though I'd say they already did that with their previous title Brothers: Tale of Two Sons.

FallenAngel1984424d ago

I meant other co-op games. Those other games should always consider singleplayer and multiplayer in their design

-Foxtrot424d ago

I don't know

I think co-op only games like this are good because it stops developers forcing in co-op into established franchises where it doesn't belong

gold_drake423d ago

im not sure if it set the "standard" of co op games.


40 Best PlayStation 4 Co-Op Games

Careful not to drown yourself in this massive list of the best PS4 co-op games featuring multiple genres for you to experience.

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22 Best PlayStation 4 Split Screen Games

A friend or a family member is coming over? Not sure what to play together? No worries, the list has the best PS4 split screen games for you

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SullysCigar485d ago

This would have saved me some internet trawling before Christmas!

471d ago