CVG - Is PlayStation Move in big trouble?

CVG - Sony's motion controller, the PlayStation Move, has been out for a while now but it seems to be having some trouble picking up traction. Although there are a number of games compatible with the Move there hasn't been a standout title yet.

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LOGICWINS2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Well it has no MUST have exclusive titles right I'd say thats a bad thing. Personally, if Uncharted 3 supported Move and its was FULLY integrated into the game(melee, shooting, driving, climbing), then I'd buy it in a heartbeat. ND hasn't confirmed or denied anything...but I'm sure Sony won't pass up the opportunity of giving its most critically acclaimed franchise this generation both 3D and Move support.

Dno2738d ago

Move is dead when and only when it stops selling... sony sold 8 million controllers its alive and well.

Biggest2738d ago

There are a few must have titles with full Move support. If you don't want to use the Move with them it's your call. There is no way you can say that the Move has no titles right now with Heavy Rain, Killzone 3, SOCOM, and MAG all having full integration. Sony isn't going to make a full slate of Move ONLY titles because, well, they don't have to. That's the beauty of Move. Yes, they are making Move only titles. No, they don't have to make a ton of Move only titles because the Move works well with other titles. Nintendo learned early on that making games for the Wii-Mote ONLY is a bad idea. Sony is doing what is known to work. The Move is only in trouble now that the PSN is back. When the Move gets more exclusive AND integrated titles, there will be something else in trouble according to websites like CVG.

LOGICWINS2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

"There is no way you can say that the Move has no titles right now with Heavy Rain, Killzone 3, SOCOM, and MAG all having full integration."

Who said the Move has NO titles? I'm saying that the Move currently lacks a title that would make the average joe run out and buy a $130 control scheme.

Lets say your at Gamestop and you just bought you HONESTLY believe that MOST people would spend $130 on a Move bundle and Nav controller and ADAPT to a new control scheme when they can spend $0 and use the DS3, a control scheme that they are already used to?

lowcarb2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

"sony sold 8 million controllers its alive and well."
8 million sold...When was this?

I'm thinking more like 800,000 thousand to possibly 2 million. Either provide some links or quit lying.

@biggest, Those are not move exclusive games. Right now it's simply an optional controller no different then plugging your 360 controller into the PS3 and using it instead.

LOGICWINS2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

^^Yeah, I'd like the link to that too.

Found it:

2738d ago
SoapShoes2738d ago

@lowcarb... You living under a rock? It was reported that Move sold over 8 million a little over a month ago.

lowcarb2738d ago

Well call me surprised for that many Move controllers sold. Good for Sony if true and its gamers which will see exclusive Move titles made for it soon.

Oner2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

@ Logicwins I posted this a while back (now a couple of months ago) about PS Move being integrated in UC3 (additional alternative not mandatory) ~

"A rep from NaughtyDog was at my GF's College for an orientation/scouting event and was asked a few questions by the students/perspective hiree's about UC3. The rep answered that it's in development & that it will also have support for PS Move. I am not saying this is 100% concrete evidence, but this should be expected...hopefully we will get more info soon"

kikizoo2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

"Right now it's simply an optional controller no different then plugging your 360 controller into the PS3 and using it instead. "

Lol, are you really serious ?

it's just stupid, since the gameplay is completly motion controler available, since you can play real games, made for controler and motion controler...and it's accurate !

"no must have"

misinformed people don't know that sport champion, the fight, are the more immersive and realistic spots games available, and the shooter and others are really cool (moves compatibles title are obviously others must have)

by the way, cvg show us again their real nature :)

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NYC_Gamer2738d ago

its waste of time in my opinion because it has no real support original software wise

Redempteur2738d ago

150 games disagree with you

NYC_Gamer2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )


i mean real good quality PSMove,only titles not games with thrown on support.

i'm not going to spend 150 for that kind of lazy support just to play titles that work well on ds3

Redempteur2738d ago

there are already good move games ..there aren't much MOVE -ONLY titles because move is mostly an alternative ..and it's an alternative that works pretty well if you give it a chance ..

it's also easier to motivate buyers if they have a stock of games ready to be used with ..

LOGICWINS2738d ago

^^I think Sony should have waited to release Move this year...when we might ACTUALLY have exclusive Move games that are actually worth buying. The only reason they released it last year was to get the jump on Kinect...which proved futile since Kinect is a sales monster right now.

DigitalRaptor2738d ago

The sales gap between Kinect and Move is not huge considering Microsodt's massive marketing campaign.

Although Move has been well supported so far, I would be looking at Sony's E3 conference in regards to the PlayStation Move killer-app: Sorcery, that mystery flashlight game or some other amazing third-party implementation.

Urrakia342738d ago

What must-have title does Kinect have exactly?

NobleGamer2738d ago

Move was in trouble from the get go people percieved it as a wii knock off and its just tacked onto games which clearly don't need it.

However Kinect is doing the rounds and becoming fastest selling electronic hardware of all time. But its full of shovelware and crap casual games

Child of Eden looks good, Maybe E3 MS will announce more hardcore games for kinect.

the_kutaragi_baka2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Move is a gimmick and Sony know it. If the consumer wants a Wii like experience then they’ll buy a Wii. Simple as.

SoapShoes2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

It's more advanced... That's like saying if people want an EyeToy like experience they'd just buy a PS2. You aren't making much sense and with Move at 8+ million and Kinect at 10+ million your argument holds no water.

MariaHelFutura2738d ago

I needs some games based around it that are the quality of Sonys other titles.

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PR_FROM_OHIO2738d ago

I guess since PSN is back up the media needs more negative shit to say about PS3!!!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Lol, bad day for the haters now the PSN is going back.

There are more Games for PS Move, leaked gameplay and images:

Also Sorcery. Can't wait for E3, Sony will deploy a lot of megatons.

But the media still ignore the good news.

Quagmire2737d ago

I hope Sorcery and Child of Eden deliver.

And has there been any more news on that Alan-Wake-type Move game? Seems intriguing, with an appropriate use for the Move.

Silly gameAr2738d ago

What I was thinking and people jumped right on it.

TheOneWhoKillsYou2738d ago

Nope, I just feel like its going to be like when the PS3 first started: No games, but good tech.

elite-shot2738d ago

This guy is a dumbass.. heavy rain and killzone play beautifully with the move!

DelbertGrady2738d ago

...and even better without it.

LOGICWINS2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

But most would say that it plays better with the DS3...thats the issue. Why spend $130 on a Move bundle with a Nav controller and LEARN how to adapt to playing with Move when you can spend $0 and keep playing with the DS3, a control style that your ALREADY adapted to?

Sony needs to introduce games that make people say, "WOW..I need to buy Move!" I expect Sorcery and UC3 to be the first steps.

The fact that "Heavy Rain and Killzone play beautifully with the Move" IS NOT the point. The point is Sony going to convince the mainstream that this control scheme is worth over $100 extra.

Also, how is Sony going to convince people who ALREADY have Kinect, to buy a second motion control scheme?

Sony has to REALLY step up the advertising and bring out some games worth buying if they want Move to succeed. If UC3 doesn't end up supporting Move, then there gunna miss out on a huge opportunity.

@BrianG- Yes, CHOICE is better than no choice...but I'm pretty sure after investing tens of millions of dollars into Move, Sony WANTS its audience to actually ADOPT Move.

CHOICE is great for gamers, but people actually need to buy the thing for Sony to benefit. Right now, Move saleswise is NOT doing as well as it should be doing.

BrianG2738d ago

Logically UC3 doesn't make sense for YOUR argument, since it sees move enabled games play better with the DS3. At least that is what your arguing.

But I would say a CHOICE is better than no choice. Especially for those who have bought the Move controller. Free integration without having to purchase a special copy (Minus RE5 with the Gold Edition BS) or being forced to used Move in blockbuster titles like KZ3.

In my mind, KZ3, Socom 4, Heavy Rain, etc.. play just fine with move. I don't feel I'm sacrificing much if anything at all in most of those titles.

But everyone has their own opinions I suppose.

Ddouble2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

But in a lot of interviews with developers for upcoming games, I've noticed them asked about move support. I'm not a FPS player but there were lots of people who said the Move is now there preferred choice for playing these games. The sharpshooter sounds like it's just a better experience but not better than the DS3.

So if it improves the gameplay or experience then why not buy it. It's only an initial investment for many games with more in the pipeline.

The killer apps do need to come but for now it's doing a good job.

Seraphemz2738d ago

Why does SONY have to convince kinect owners? That doesnt make sense....

NateCole2738d ago


Find out what these words means.

1. Alternative
2. Variety.

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mastiffchild2738d ago

Are people forgetting the VERY different roles Move and Kinect have earmarked by their respective owners? Kinect was tantamount, in MS' own words-a new console. They spent on it like a new console in R&D AND in advertising where I've seen huge sums talked of when Kinect's ad budget was in question and they had to sell huge numbers just to offset these facts.

sony, on the other hand never had such lofty goals for Move, didn't push it in anything like the same way and have said all along it WAS about choice and offering gamers something on top of PS3 rather than instead of it. Kinect wasn't ever meant for the hardcore-not yet anyway and the ads tell you that better than anything else while Sony has Move in Socom, Killzone and Capcom has it in RE5 alongside the sports sims and party games expected of motion control systems. Sony plainly ARE offering Move as a choice with another way into core games for a different demographic used to motion controls whereas Kinect was about wowing a different and, imho, a total non gamer crowd first and foremost with the attempt to get them into games still to come(though supposedly in the pipeline we just have to see how you will get away from on rails experiences yet).

Sony and MS had totally different aims and expectations and unless we know the before release projections we don't know how successful either has been. Kinect sold well at launch but the games haven't been selling so well since and we have no idea if Move had any impact AT ALL on KZ3 etc sales. What we do know , though, is that MS spent heavily on this and got the sales they needed and Sony, who didn't spend anything like as much possibly didn't need to sell an amazing number and 8million could be fine.

I think it's too early to call either a success or failure(always said the second Xmas would show, by the number of Kinect enabled games sold how long term successful it might be)right now and by the start of next year with more true games for both due out before then, may well tell us more. Even then they don;'t bear comparison if they weren't meant to do the same thing.

WooHooAlex2738d ago

Everyone knew PlayStation Move wasn't going to get a lot of exclusive games. Especially first party games. Even when they unveiled it, Sony said they wanted to give gamers a choice on how they play the game.

So no, I don't think its dead. I think its serving the exact purpose that they said it would.