Why You Should Feel Sorry For Sony's PSN Troubles

Comedian and gamer Kent Valentine explains why we all need to cut Sony a little slack - after all, none of us are perfect.

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M-Easy3019d ago

I feel sorry for me not being able to play online and sync my trophies. Going a little stir crazy here.

Tachyon_Nova3019d ago

For about the first 2 weeks I was alright as I bought a few game on Steam during their sales for PC so I at least had them to play. But know that I'm done with them I'm looking forward to owning some noobs in CoD:BO or BF:BC2 and then playing online coop of Portal 2 with a mate. Only problem is I can't (I could play Portal 2 on PC except my mates PC sucks).

Oh well, I would rather they thoroughly test their system changes to make sure they are secure then have them rush PSN back only for it to get re-hacked, that would be much worse.

-Alpha3019d ago

I ordered 3D Dot Game Heroes last week and it's STILL not here.

On top of that, I switched HDD's to get some saves off my old HDD, and now I can't play my FFIX because I have to authenticate the game! And I can't do that until I log in. Anyone know why?? I can't seem to play any game I downloaded off PSN. It worked before I switched HDD's to get some old data... I'm so mad.

Guess I'll work on Valkyria Chronicles, but I wanted to continue FFIX

Redempteur3019d ago

when you switch HDs on a PS3 you need to install the license data on the new hardrive by sync it with the PSN ( the license is made by the PSN and the COnsole data ) and can't be copied ...

nobody who switches Hdds ATM can play games that need PSN licenses to play ..because no need licenses are made.

For PSN+ users ite's even worse

Hunkalicious_G3019d ago

SOONy would be a slightly more appropriate name for your company..

cogniveritas3019d ago

Now that was funny! Soon-y Delaystation?

I'm still enjoying my PS3 offline in addition to PC gaming. Next week I'm going to forget about PSN even more...PS3 version of LA Noire and The Witcher 2 on PC this tuesday.

IGAMEHARD3019d ago

get the online portion up then i'll feel sorry for these guys... til then, its all hate

RayeD_X3019d ago Show
HeavenlySnipes3019d ago

giving a shit about what these sites post. I just want PSN back.

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The story is too old to be commented.