Starhawk Makes Concessions for COD Players

SG: If you haven’t heard yet, Starhawk IS real and looking even better than the most hardcore Warhawk-addicted fan could have hoped for. However, the developers are well aware that many COD players must see Starhawk like some sort of extra-dimensional Rubik’s cube: full of things to “think about” beyond throwing a grenade ahead of you, charging forward, and “yay me likey shootey things.”

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Dart893026d ago

Man i wish i could somehow transfer one of these mech jets into a cod match and own them all muahahahaha:D.

NukaCola3025d ago

I'd like to use the build and battle feature and drop a defence tower onto some COD players and SQUISH!!!

a_bro3025d ago

Transformable Enemy Mech Incoming!!! OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III-!!!

RedDead3025d ago

The mech jet would just get hacked to turn against you, Beware of Cod

DirtyLary3025d ago

If you need a crutch that bad in COD, I guess.

showtimefolks3025d ago

yesterday i was watching/listening to invisible walls

and in it when they got to starhawk shane and some other idiots wanted to know if this is a full priced game. I mean they don't complain about another FPS charging 60 but a game that too 4-5 years in between release which we know very little about they have an issue with

and they were like who is gonna buy this?
and shane was like do we really need this game?

i got so pissed off i mean its one thing to be ignorant but its totally another just to make fun of a game and its community that you know very little about

its like when GTTV announced a ps3 exclusive EPIC BATTLE AXE guys give it its fair shot but when it comes to invisible walls its all about MS's exclusives and nothing that sony can develop can be up to their standard and worth $60

on topic:

the game looks really good and i kind of remind me of red faction but with much better graphics and hopefully a story we actually care about

online is where its at i hope before this comes out we get a public beta to fix any issues

when do think it will come out is this a fall 2012 title?

blizzard_cool3025d ago

I stopped watching Invisible Walls after Epic Battle Axe. EBA made me realize how stupid Invisible Walls is.

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Darkfiber3025d ago

lul Call of people actually still play that game? Yes, THAT game. There is only one, and it's re-released every year yet people keep buying it. Derp.

Scyrus3025d ago

yes, people love spoiled milk

kyl2773025d ago

Yes people do still buy it, only about 18 million of them though.

BiggCMan3025d ago

And most likely 12 to 15 million of them trade it in, or leave it to collect dust after a few weeks/months.

Prcko3025d ago

i JUST don't understand one thing:
how can Sony studios and partners develop so much excellent games.
This gen only lair and haze weren't good,everything else was extra stuff!!!

killcycle3025d ago

Playstation Move Heroes was pretty terrible too.

mastiffchild3025d ago

And Lair isn't the Godawful mess it's made out to be either. I wish Sony would get someone to patch in trophy support for it to get a few more copies, at bargain rate, in people's PS3s cos after the patch for normal controls the game was a very playable experience with some EPIC moments ranging from dragon back stealth to balls out battles and intense duels.

Sure, there are some issues even now-it can be finicky and skittish to control at times and the lack of a mini map or "radar" feature is annoying if you get turned around when flying and lose your bearings as you can end up lost and backtracking when you shouldn't be. However, patch THAT in as well and the games a decent 7.5/8 out of 10. Even without it's very playable for anyone with some skill and patience and it still looks pretty good given hoiw old it is and stands up to 90% of games released even now on PS3 and 360. can't do much about the patchy assed acting, mind.

Anyways, i like Lair and can start a clinic for fellow sufferers of this ailment if the need arises. Am I alone in finding it OK? To be honest I quite likethe original controls too-tho I do accept that a lot of people just can't be doing with them. If they hadn't made the Sixaxis controls the big deal at the time maybe the game would have fared better too, idk?

kyl2773025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )


There is a reason it got UNIVERSALLY panned, it was a bad game. Even after the patch gamespot rereviewed it and said it was still a bad game at the core.

"Lair is, at its core, the same game it always was. It's still pretty, it's still gawky and uncomfortable to play, and it's still shallow. If you were hoping the update would revolutionize the game, you'll be sorely disappointed. In actuality, the tweaked controls make it easier to notice a variety of other fundamental flaws."

Baka-akaB3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

i disagree too , lair was bad period .. average at best with the patch . With the patch is still very repetitive and shallow ... got nothing on the likes of panzer dragoon or even drakengaard .

There isnt even some awesome story (like drakengaard 1-2) to save it and make it somewhat enjoyable .

it's not some good game hindered by faulty controls , its flaws are the same even with fixed ones

We do not have to give it a chance . I also doubt anyone would be willing to give it chances , if it wasnt an exclusive .

There is always one meh game that we enjoy while everyone dislike it , and i think its just one of those cases here . Hell "when that game was called Iron Man or Dark Void" , we were all happy to crap on it for good reasons .

Killzone3___3024d ago

yes , i thought it will be just like ratch and clank but when i played the demo i get shocked , it sucks like hell !!!! i want a normal ratchet not a stupid kids game ! ..

when i played them demo and said the game sucks all people disagree with me now all say the same thing..

but i wasn't excited about the game so i don't care , all ps3 exclusives aree amazing , only these 3 games...

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Rybakov3025d ago

of course awesome games would get ruined cause of call of duty players they don't know how to play real games

Oschino19073025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Hahahaha exactly, COD sells millions and Millions but so many of the players on it are casual at best and only play COD for the most part. COD being so easy to "pwn people" and such confuses many casual player to suddenly think they are great at video games hence why many complain and cry hard everytime they try a non COD game with actual depth and thought put into it.
Cant tell you how many people i know in real life who didnt even get into gaming all like that till COD [email protected]/MW2 and now i hear them running their mouths and talkin about how great they are and that they have great matches all day but they suck at everything outside of COD and when i hop onto a game with them in COD i outplay them with ease. COD makes mediorce players feel like pros and its sad to mess with peoples heads like that. My KDR went up every COD game from 4 to MW2 while the fun factor dropped just as much.

Everytime a new game or concept comes along that looks like the answer to my prayers more then anything i fear that the forums or testers for these games dont become filled with a bunch of COD players trying to turn every other game into COD. They ruined Killzone, 2 was great and 3 was a step forward with two steps backward. I am so happy for Brink because all those players gave up and already moved on and i was really scared they would cry and whine all day every day in an attempt to get the developers to go back on what had me so interested in the game. Now i fear for BF3 on consoles, dont think i will even bother with it, rather just try to save a get a gamming PC. The COD crowd and their mixed upped minds are ruining the industry, many arent real gamers but just annoying simple minded jerkoffs that think because they went 20-0 hiding in a corner that they are now pro gamers and should have a say in every FPS game that comes out.


Rybakov3025d ago

i hear ya dude i get annoyed with all the people that think call of duty is the only game on the Brink i dunno how you feel about it but i loved it, its finally an online game i enjoy cause its a throw back to counter strike and such games and you don't have to worry about stats and all that you just play and have fun...i rarely play games online only cause its all k/d ratios and just shoot kill and camp on the same couple maps over and over

killcycle3025d ago

I disagree for double wall of text

Ju3024d ago

I agreed with you ... until you mentioned Brink...Really? That's your answer?

Mr PS33025d ago

Cod Players wont like Starhawk because not only does it take skill to play there aint no auto aim

DanSolo3025d ago

I am not a COD hater (although I have grown bored of the franchise) but I do hate auto-aim!

I don't get auto-aim in FPS's... it goes totally against the premise of the game which is to be a good shot with a gun lol.

For some games auto-aim is understandable, and even needed as the game mechanics and camera views do not lend to skill at aiming. Games like GTA do need the auto-aim as alot of the time you have enemies coming from all angles but are off screen, plus the actual aiming is not that great.

But as a rule.... leave fucking auto-aim out of the equation.... maybe add in a well built training level or something that people can go back to whenever they want to teach how to pull off various moves, and sharpen and hone skills!

mastiffchild3025d ago

People, sadly, don't WANT to have to learn a new game though. The number of people I've met who, when I ask about Warhawk, said to me "Warhawk? It's crap mate! It's broken! When I play COD my KDI is like 4 to 1 but I can't kill ANYONE in Warhawk! The aiming's crap, the flying doesn't work and people just shoot you down(they must be lagging or something!)anyway! It's broken!"or similar words is incredible.

Not one of them seemed to stop and think they might have to learn how to play. "It's got guns," they must think, " so it must play like COD, yeah?"-how can we cope or get round a mindset like that? I told them that i'm crap at shooters and even I have decent days on COD but Warhawk needs a bit of time for you to get into it. Thing is,. even when you explain about it not having auto aim and that you have to learn the advanced flight to have much of a chance in the air they've already turned off. I might not be AS good as some of these guys talent wise, some of them would beat me at COD and so on BUT the aren't gamers to me cos a gamer, like myself, would want the challenge of the next game, the different game, the game I couldn't pick up and master. They don't have THAT desire and that's where being a gamer comes into it for me and, I think, games like Warhawk that require you learn a little before getting much back. Having no SP last time didn't help either.

Thing is, had they stuck at Warhawk for a week or two someone would, as they did for me, showed them HOW to fly and that not having auto aim can be a great thing but the lack of patience is so bad that if they can't feel they're getting somewhere after half an hour the game's dead to them. I just pray they don't go too COD with Starhawk or you will find a lot of veterans back on Warhawk and Starhawk will be dead in a month. It shouldn't compete with COD as it's fame is with gamers and non gamers have already shown that they ONLY like COD. Not that I don't know gamers who play COD because I do(missus plays it AND is a great 'Hawker)it's just a majority of COD players who aren't gamers but merely "COD players" if you see my point and anything else "sucks or is "broken" if they can't be great day one.

NoOoB1013025d ago

I hate aim assists as well..
When i played Socom confrontation there would be the random COD guy saying the game sucks because he dies to fast and there's no respawn making him 0-8 for the match. Its really sad that gaming is getting dumbed down for those type of players..but unfortunately it wont change because Casual > harcore in numbers =/

2fk3025d ago

i didn't even know there was auto aim in COD until i played black ops so i never took advantage of it =)

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