Aliens Vs Predator Sequel Not On The Table Right Now

Sega state that while Aliens Vs Predator was a financial success, they have other games they want to focus on.

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slavish33023d ago

i hope they do a second one but spend more time on multiplayer gameplay

Irish_Bassist3023d ago

Yeah, such a shame the multiplayer in the first one was pretty much unplayable, and instead of fixing it they cancelled all post release support for it. Bad times.

Quickstrike3023d ago

I enjoyed the single player of AvP, but the online was a joke. I hope they fix it if they do a sequel.

RedDead3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Really, you guys gotta play AvP2 on Pc really you guys gotta play Avp2(2001) or Avp(1999) I prefer 2 but many like 1 more, they are both great games, Avp2 is in my top 15 games, really good game I tell you. Being a human really gives you a OH shit feeling, Predator and alien both have great campaigns aswell. As an Alien, you start of as a facehugger running through vents and stuff, then your a little alien, eating rats and stuff. Then you grow up and kick ass.

The main problem with Avp2010 was the "hold X to auto klll" that slowed the game way to much and left you vulnerable, while looking cool. Really it didn't help at all. The game ditched gameplay to look cool and be 'next gen' honestly.


Can't be bothered, anyway I recommend downloading the demo

hakis863022d ago

AVP2 was awesome. I really enjoy the AVP 2010 as well, to be honest. so fed up with COD etc.

STONEY43022d ago

If they want a good multiplayer, they need to get Monolith back from AvP2. AvP2 was AMAZING, and it's multiplayer was too.

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Droid Control3022d ago

It was all pretty crap to be honest.

Hellsvacancy3022d ago

Pretty? VERY, the gameplay was horrid

Fototherapist3022d ago

Not that great of a game. Maybe Colonial Marines will be better.

bumnut3022d ago

I was annoyed at the number of multiplayer maps on release, then they tried to sell more maps right away.

Quagmire3022d ago

I didnt think the game was all that bad. It was playable, and somewhat fun, however there were defenite areas which needed improving.

Hopefully the sequel manages to fix all of the problems of the 2010 release.

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