Rebellion - New Aliens vs Predator Game Could Happen, Would Love To Return To This Franchise

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Floyer-Lea, Head of Programming at Rebellion. Kevin was the lead programmer on the original PC version of Aliens vs Predator so we couldn’t resist asking him whether Rebellion would return to this franchise. After all, the best version of AVP was developed by this team."

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Arkardo1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

For Christ's sake, can't we have finally a proper Alien or Predators universe game?

I was such a fan of movies but everytime I'm hyped for one of this games, it turns like s***, my hopes are almost zero right now.

Alien isolation appears like something well done but the totally Outlast approach ( don't get me wrong Outlast it's an amazing game ) IMO it's not well suited for this type of games, a balance between action and run for your life equipped only with a picture of your son on First Person will be better.

AnotherProGamer1651d ago

Aliens vs Predator 2000 is pretty good

Multiplatguy1651d ago

I absolutely loved AvP: Extinction. Would love to see another one of them, we don't have many good RTS games lately.

Reaper29r1651d ago

That would be pretty awesome. Specially with Kinect 2.0 and the DS4 touchpad, can have much better controls this time around.

Adexus1651d ago

AvP 2010 was great and sure as hell a ton better than Colonial Marines.

turdburgler10801651d ago

It should be a side scroller beat em up like the old snes one was but with better graphics. I'd be down for that.

fonduktoe1651d ago

Please make a new avp...doubt it will happen but a man can dream

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