TemplarGFX’s Aliens: Colonial Marines Overhaul – A must play for fans of Aliens

I (Robin Ek, TGG) know what you´re thinking right now "But...Aliens: Colonial Marine sucked balls?". Correct, but TemplarGFX's Aliens: Colonial Marines Overhaul kicks-ass! And this is the reason why.

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Simon_the_sorcerer856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

ACM "almost" brought a sad tear to my eye when I bought the game on release. However, I´m thinking about giving the game a second chance thanks to this mod.

TGG_overlord856d ago

I feel you, but "Aliens: Colonial Marines Overhaul" is really worthy of your time =)

Simon_the_sorcerer856d ago

With no doubt, and the mod is 100% free as well :3

Littil_Devil856d ago

I´m sooo going to give this mod a try =) I´ll have to buy ACM first though.

TGG_overlord856d ago

Well, you can pick up the game for about 15 Euros via Steam =)