Tekken 6 CG Intro - Arcade Version

Here is a new intro video of Tekken 6. "Tekken 6 packs the full punch of next-gen power for the first PS3 chapter in the acclaimed fighting franchise, writes IGN".

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Reason4111d ago

I wonder what gameplay elements, if any, have changed.

Skerj4111d ago

Man I'm wondering wtf that monster is, end boss maybe? I hope not. .. And Jin controlling the Zaibatsu now. ..hmmm

fopums4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

I hope its ogre cuase I always dug that character, but I really wonder why it has a bird face xD

lodossrage4111d ago

But it would have been better if we had an actual video. Not a video within another video like that.

But regardless, good find. And thanks for sharing

Lt Roy Mustang4111d ago

Wow since when Jin is a Sarge? not that is a great intro. to bad we cant hear crap

Skerj4111d ago

He became leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu at the end of Tekken 5.

Bonsai12144111d ago

yeah, i was wondering if my headphones broke... i wanted to hear how the video went.. oh well

and wow, they made Bob look... terrible. i will never use him as a character

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