Does APB Deserve Another Chance?

"As soon as the original APB was announced, there was clearly a lot of hype. It was what everyone had been waiting for: Grand Theft Auto but with an MMO twist."- Imp0ssibl3

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Fir3truck3022d ago

I think I might need to give it another shot just to see.

WetN00dle693022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I dont know......i bought this game 2 days before they shutdown the servers. I had no prior knowledge that they were going to do that. I wasted my money. So if you ask me whether or not i will support them after that Btch arse move, perhaps not, NOT unless they give us and more than likely there are a few that went through this, 2 free months of game time.

Dramscus3022d ago

Game is free to play.

Also it's owned by a different company now.

WetN00dle693022d ago

Ohh i see, nice. Thanks for the info.

scotchmouth3022d ago

As much as i want to see games succeed I have a bad taste in my mouth about this one. Bringing this game back is certainly going to be an uphill battle. I wish them the best

maxcavsm3022d ago

Unlikely. I guess free to play is nice, but still...

TheStonedSheep3022d ago

Absolutely, if they have achieved the stuff which they promised then it should be great, plus it's F2P, so what do you have to lose?

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