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We don't need Xbox 720/PS4, Pitchford explains

We don't need a next generation console platform, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has told The outspoken creator of Borderlands didn't stop there, but outlined the many reasons why the current crop of consoles is good enough.

"I'm actually excited by the fact that we're at a point now with this generation where it's not a technical problem," he said speaking to this morning. "We're in the craft of game-making now. We understand the hardware, and now we're focusing on gameplay, focusing on leveraging that hardware towards the purposes of entertainment, instead of wrestling with the technical issues of how to just exist on it. As a game-maker, that's the best possible place to be."

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Community4784d ago
Cardenjs4784d ago

This is a tough issue but Microsoft needs a new console soon, if not to just upgrade to Blu-Ray since LA Nior's 3 disk edition for the 360 shows that limitation.

The bad part would be that we'd begin paying no less than 65 dollars per game now since more time and resources will be invested into making the games.

We can combat our need for new expensive consoles by hiring more imaginative programing teams to give us new experiences on our old consoles. Really support the Indie teams and the "different" games. Personally I like Sim games and really would like to see Sim City 5 on a console.

Best4784d ago (Edited 4784d ago )

Seeing that PSN was easily hacked on the PS3 and the PS3 only has 256mb of ram then it's obvious we need a PS4.

mrv3214784d ago

That would be the case


The PSN hack was server side a PS4 would have made little difference.
The PS3 has 480MB of ram, 32MB below the 360.

It has 256 Dedicated V.ram to the GPU and a further 256 ram via the XDR, giving it a 480 max, the 360 has 512MB ram between the CPU and GPU.

Anon19744784d ago (Edited 4784d ago )

Easily hacked? Excuse me if I'm missing something, but hasn't the PSN been operating just fine for the past 5 years prior to this? If it were hacked right out of the gate, I'd say "Yeah...that's easily hacked," but that's not what happened here. And the RAM thing, yeah...I don't see RAM holding the PS3 back versus the 360 - and the evidence is in the games.

If it was so easily hacked, why did it take 5 years for someone to do it?

Anyway, I agree with Pitchford. As it is now, games cost a small fortune to make for the existing platforms. How many developers have we seen collapse under the weight of making console games. If the next gen consoles come out right away, how many developers are actually going to have the resources to push that hardware?

It's too soon.

Active Reload4784d ago

Cardenjs, LA noire is coming out on the 360 next week. You're saying they should wait to release a new xbox to play this game? smh

@Best, lol, I just don't know what to say.

dangert124784d ago

PS3 ain't even hut 199 your not getting a ps4 anytime soon, im happy with it atm too those who want more pc gaming is for you

Istanbull4784d ago

I don't need a PS4 for the next 3 or 4 years, Sony just announced Starhawk Not to mention PS3 is still 299$. Expect a PS4 when PS3 hits 149$ in 3 or 4 years.

firelogic4784d ago

way to go nintendo. screwing things up yet again.

Blaze9294784d ago

Lol yeah seriously. If they would have made the Wii what the Wii 2nd rumored to be from the beginning, we would not be in this mess. Now the whole generation cycle is screwed up.

Dread4784d ago

yep we need a new 360 just for blue-ray becasue there is a disc swap, which takes probably one minute of your total gaming experience. Wow great point.

then I guess it follows that we also need a new sony plasytation to avoid all those mandatory installs which talke between 5 to 30 minutes , and also take up space in your hard drive. If the plasytaiton is SO advanced then why the mandaotry installs?

Trevonn4784d ago

its the developer not the console dumbass

Dread4784d ago (Edited 4784d ago )


yes I know its never sonys fault. I have been reading comments in this site for years. So i understand the logic well. to summarize:

Sony = always good, never makes mistakes, and a victim. They love the gamers and everything they do they do it out of love for the gamers and never for profit.

MS = evil and we should always hate them no matter what. The only reason there is negative information about Sony is becasue MS pays all journalist to pulbish negative things about them.


VenGencE9994784d ago

Two things, first I hate disk swapping because it breaks my immersion when I'm playing.

Nothing worse than having tension built up ready for the what's around the corner and you're hit with "insert disk two".

Only to play 3 or 4 more hours and have the same thing happened again. It may be small to you, but it's annoying as hell to me. I only own one game that requires disk swapping(ME2) and I make sure to not buy a multiplat game for my 360 if it requires it.

I'm not saying we need new consoles nor do I want new consoles anytime soon, I'm saying it's a pain.

Secondly, mandaotry installs have NOTHING to do with the hardware and EVERYTHING to do with the software.

I really wish people would stop being cheap and get both consoles so there won't be a need to defend or attack one or the other...

green4784d ago (Edited 4784d ago )

Fanboys on this site praise exclusives like multiplats are not worth playing is the same way they talk about 360 DVD disk swapping. In the real world, nobody gives a rats ass about a game being exclusive or how many disks the game ships on.

At my work place there are a few gamers here and not once in my 10 months working here and occasionally discussing games with them have the words "disk swapping" or "exclusive" ever come out of their mouths.

A new gen of consoles are needed not because of disk format but because the tech in the 360 and yes the PS3 are both 6 years old plus. So we have gotten to the point that not much advancement with current gen technology can be had.

If you wish, you can fit a 1tb disk drive in the ps3 or 360 and they still will not be able to produce 1080p native games, with fully destructable environments, advanced AI at a constant 60fps.

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 4784d ago

They can keep the Sims off world but I agree with you otherwise

BrunoM4784d ago

Agree with legend on the sims part ...
With out being that I agree with post 1

Nac4784d ago

No more of this "We don't need" stuff, it's happening so deal with it.

Falaut4784d ago


other than that, its fine, even in the VRAM dept.

RedDead4784d ago

A new GPU would be good too. Cpu's are alright though

IGAMEHARD4784d ago

because were getting wii 2... where ps3 and 360 fans finally unite