Randy Pitchford Doesn’t Seem to be Impressed with the Xbox Series X; Calls Out Phil Spencer

Microsoft’s Executive President of Gaming took to Twitter to respond to an article from Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry on the next-gen Xbox, the Series X. In the article, Eurogamer mentions that the power increase for the Series X over the original Xbox One and Xbox One X is likely achieved through increased processor frequency instead of transistor density. According to Moore’s Law, transistor density on a microchip should double about every two years, but this ‘pace’ appears to be slowing down.

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Spurg588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

If Randy Pitchford doesn't like it then it must be good.

King_Noctis588d ago ShowReplies(1)
IRetrouk588d ago

Seems to me like he just wanted some info on the next box lol, liked how he shut down the other dude, that was a headshot lol.

Wasabi588d ago


***"If I could wave a magic wand, Xbox and Playstation would both be incredibly powerful and keep parity with one another. I think Sony and Microsoft should team up, actually"***

Jesus, what would N4G argue and insult each other over if this came true?

IRetrouk588d ago

I actually think they will be pretty much even next gen, I think the main differences are going to be the customised stuff both are doing, imagine a joint console though, instead of console fanboys we would get developer fanboys, publisher fanboys and service fanboys lol the arguments would continue.

The 10th Rider588d ago

The more powerful consoles get, the smaller and smaller the difference is, proportionally.

For instance, a 6 teraflop console is much more powerful than a 4 teraflop . . . Change that out to 12 and 10 and the percentage gap and what you can get out of it is much smaller.

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JEECE588d ago

People would still need to repeatedly point out that the switch isn't very powerful, so we'd always have that.

jwillj2k4588d ago

The ps5 will be Sony’s last independently built hardware. If you know you know.

onisama588d ago

I owned both consoles i like both for deffirent reasons and i would say no its better to keep the compitition up that what keep the greed out and give us exclusives and improvements....
Dumb fans will always be dumb and fight for non since but you can just ignore them

rainslacker588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

Could spend the next 7 years discussing which controller is better. Oh.....battery preference for controllers? Perhaps there would be a power brick on one, but not the other? Oh, and disparate streaming or rental services? Online features and capabilities. The shape of the console? Sales numbers.....based on reports AND assumption?

So, like the power debate.....nothing really important.

King_Noctis588d ago

They would still have Nintendo to insult though.

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Blu3_Berry588d ago

Not sure what he was expecting. Neither next-gen consoles will revolutionize anything from what we know about so far.

IRetrouk588d ago

Load times, ray tracing, ai, framerate, will all get a serious boost next gen because of the newer parts and the customisation being done on them, it's going to be a much bigger jump than the last two that's for sure, be excited man lol.

Blu3_Berry588d ago

I mean that's to be expected. Don't get me wrong I'm ready for next-gen, but I don't think we will be seeing any huge leaps that complete revamps gaming for a long time. Just improved graphics, physics, better ai (hopefully), improved load times, etc. Those are all definitely great things.

It's weird, I'm just not expecting it to be a huge jump. I feel like as we enter each new gen, the jumps will be less noticeable. I think it all depends on the developers honestly and if they utilize everything to their disposal or not. Main thing I want for next-gen is all games to be 60 fps option.

IRetrouk588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

All fair points of view, although I disagree, I think everything will be improved, with enough ram, these new CPUs and GPUs along with the customizations should give us a big enough jump to notice, I'm looking at denser worlds with better loading and textures, I honestly dont mind games at 30, 60 is better but a rock steady 30 is fine too, driveclub was 30 but felt lightning quick, same as pgr etc, I'm more interested in detail and the new visual tricks, along with the ray tracing tech and the SSDs helping with loading, I can understand your view though, I just feel with all these newer additions that some real jumps are possible.

andibandit588d ago

I really dont think AI and Framerate are getting any serious boost.
My expectations:

Framerate - Most games will try to do 30fps as a minimum with some games doing 60, kinda what we have today.

AI - Nothing in the last 20 years have made me go, "Wow this really is leaps ahead of any other AI's I've experienced"....not expecting any change here.

IRetrouk588d ago

Fair enough dude, wont be too long before we find out lol

specialguest588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

What's revolutionary about what you listed. All of that are done on PC now. That's evolutionary. The normal progression with current tech, NOT revolutionary

IRetrouk588d ago

I didnt say anything was going to revolutionize anything, I said we should see a bigger jump than in previous gens.....

FinalFantasyFanatic587d ago


The last time AI impressed me was on Crisis, and that was a bloody long time ago.

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I_am_Batman588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

We don't have all the details yet, but from what we know it's safe to say that it'll be a much bigger jump than we've seen from 7th to 8th gen.

CPU and I/O transfer speed improvements alone will unlock game design in many exciting ways. Of course some games will simply be prettier, better performing versions of current gen games, but top tier devs will blow our minds for sure.

Sophisticated_Chap588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

I agree. Essentially, the next gen consoles, while powerful, will still lag far behind higher end PC hardware by a lot. The RTX 2080 TI can't even play RDR2 at 4K/60 on max settings, and the PS5 and Xbox will be running what I believe will be the equivalent to the RX 5700 XT, which is around 30% less powerful at reference clock speeds.

Before next gen consoles launch next year, we will also be getting NAVI 2.0 (big Navi) and Nvidia 3000 series cards, which should put even further distance between consoles and PCs. However, for what the consoles are, they do provide pretty good value for the cost.

UltraNova587d ago

No one ever said or expected consoles to be beefier than high end PC's of the time they are released...

nucky64588d ago

it seems to be accepted that load times will (thankfully) be practically nonexistent in the new consoles- and THAT is revolutionary.

Sophisticated_Chap588d ago

Revolutionary by console standards. SSDs have been available in PCs for almost 10 years now.

IRetrouk588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

Posted on wrong reply

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