Could New Alien Game Be A Launch Title For Project Café? -StickTwiddlers

Creative Assembly start work on a third Alien title which could well be a launch title for Project Café.

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mananimal3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Don't CARE!!!, Nintendo can kiss the you know what!!!....FRom: A Hardcore Gamer who hasn't forgotten Nintendo Track Record, and has moved on, from Nintendo, NEVER TO RETURN. When Nintendo becomes a Software ONLY Co., THEN they MIGHT START making "Great " games again, until then?, NOPE. "No Soup For YOU!!" LOL

StickTwiddlers3024d ago

Wow. Your typing is a little all over the place there, isn't it?

Nintendo aren't making this game. The game is being developed by Creative Assembly and SEGA.

I'm also not entirely sure what 'track record' you are referring to. The NES, SNES and N64 are some of the greatest and most loved consoles of all time and the Wii absolutely dominated sales figures on and after it's initial launch.

The Wii is definitely not as popular amongst 'the hardcore' gamers due to this gens demand for high quality graphics, performance and online capabilites, but that was never their market intention.

It's going to be interesting to see what Project Café has to offer.

mananimal3023d ago

I'm talking about the record regarding 3rd party developers and how hard they are to work with. And of course im talking abt the Wii, tht piss of garbage they made, for an entire generation, moron. So yah, you can waste your $$$ on the next Casual-itist endeavor from Nintendo, dont care.