Five Developers That Should Tackle A New Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

With rumours of a new game in the works, Adam from WellPlayed highlights five developers that could do the IP justice.

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Beastgamerkuma242d ago

Rocksteady and Sucker Punch I can do a great action pact Star Wars games. Especially Rocksteady with their great combat system. Great write-up.

TheRealTedCruz241d ago

Spiders has proven that they can land the feel of the earlier Bioware games well.
Give them a solid budget, and they'd probably put out something impressive.

Then there's always Obsidian. As far as I'm concerned, despite being rushed thus buggy, I thought their Kotor 2 was a better game to Bioware's original. Especially when you got to play the fan patched version that included a lot of the content they didn't have the chance to implement in the original release.

Tacoboto241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

I disagree almost entirely with this article in regards to them being suitable for KOTOR, but would love a Star Wars from each of these devs.
Rocksteady would have a great sandbox filled with easter eggs to respect the lore of the universe, but KOTOR isn't an action brawler. They'd nail a Bounty Hunter game. Kojima would probably pull a Rian Johnson and throw the lore out the window, but if he was to focus on a specific genre I could see you being another Bounty Hunter infiltrating the Sith.

Sucker Punch could easily tackle something akin to Fallen Order mixed with elements of inFamous. Creative Assembly knows claustrophobic tension; I could imagine a side-story of a pilot that crash-lands onto a monster-infested area of a Sith-controlled planet.

Bluepoint would be the only studio of these I'd trust in these to respect the original gameplay systems.

LordoftheCritics241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Yep. None of those devs make deep rpgs.

That was more like, ''I like the games those devs made so let them make KOTOR.''

BlackIceJoe241d ago

Larian Studios is one of the best RPG developers around, so I could see them making a phenomenal game. Unfortunately I don't think that will happen.

TheRealTedCruz241d ago

Not to mention they're going to be working on Baldur's Gate for a good while.