Total War Three Kingdoms Interview: Writer Talks History, Inspirations, Mandate of Heaven

Strategy games haven't been traditionally known for their narrative depth. In recent years, though, the Total War series of games have sought to change that. Twinfinite spoke to writer Pete Stewart from Creative Assembly to find out just what that process entails.

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Jimboms1044d ago

Really love the history of this game in particular.

CBaoth1044d ago

me too. I love the turmoil from the yellow turbans up to the establishment of the three kingdoms. Always felt Koei rushed through this part of the era. Lots of missed opportunities. Like the Qiang Rebellion in 185-186 A.D. if for no other reason both Dong Zhou and Sun Jian fought on the same side versus barbarians allied with Han Sui and Ma Teng. In the ROTK games I always created 10-12 extra historical yellow turbans to flesh out the scenario