Starhawk To Receive Android App, Community Focused Features

Starhawk is real, it’s official and it’s a big change from the smash hit Warhawk, bringing a new look and a new RTS focus. But one thing that will stay the same, and that was at the core of Warhawk‘s success, is that the title will be heavily focused on an engaged and happy community.

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Sev3026d ago

Wow, that's pretty interesting. I'm really big into Android.

BigWoopMagazine3026d ago

hmmm.... I guess... that's cool? I dunno, I tend to disconnect from my video games when I walk away from the console - I guess I'll still talk about them, but that's what these websites are for, right?

elondonred3026d ago

This is good about to get an android phone. What do ppl think about the playstation app on android

doctorstrange3026d ago

But atm it's all just PSN down news :(

elondonred3026d ago

Kl thnx for that. I hope psn comes back up this weekend

Ima9er4Life3026d ago

I can't wait, finally somethin new! COD and all that is just too played out. A difinite buy for me cuzo