Starhawk patches applied without update

The freshly announced PS3 exclusive Starhawk will be able to fix bugs and other gameplay issues without having to go through the regular process of bulky updates and lengthy certifications, according to Sony.

Speaking to at the game's London reveal earlier this week, SCEA senior producer Harvard Bonin confirmed that "if we feel like, oh boy, the Kinetic rifle feels awfully overpowered - and here's why - then we can make a quick fix, and you won't even know it actually - it'll just be live on our end."

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THC CELL3022d ago

sort of cloud patching then.

Veeger3022d ago

Works well in Uncharted 2 MP so why not.

Danielmccue3022d ago

It works terribly in uncharted 2, it would actually be faster to just update it instead of the game syncing for five minutes.

For me anyway.

Veeger3022d ago

I see. The sheer horror of waiting the eternity of 5 minutes for a game to get better.

TomInc3022d ago

I hope so, updates annoy me on te PS3 at the moment.

bumnut3022d ago

Ive managed to install operating systems on pc's faster than some of the ps3 games patch.

Updates are a good thing, but im not sure why they take so long.

TomInc3022d ago

That's my issue. That and the screen UI is a bit boring.. but when is watching an install bar not I guess

captain-obvious3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )


now we have to wait for ever to get in to the game
because just like uncharted 2
each freckin time you start the MP you have to wait like FOREVER for this update thing

F that

not good
not good at all

i hope they change it

when i want to play
i just want to get the disk in and just PLAY
if there is an update cool i'll play another game for now and just update it late on cus i just dont like waiting

but with unchaterd its like NO
you insert the game
it goes on all the way to MP
and then you have to wait
i swear to god i once had to wait for like an hour or so for the damned thing
is my internet slow NO
i even hardly lag at the MP it self

its just the thing it self is slow
and i dont know why in hell it doesn't save the update
i dont know if its only me
but every time i start uncharted 2 MP the game updates no mater what
a very long boring update

thats why
they just cant handle the truth

ChilliDemon3022d ago

Dunno why you are getting disagrees. You are totally correct about Uncharted 2 MP updates. So annoying, they take forever.

xAlmostPro3022d ago

Well what's more annoying.. putting on the game and having to quit and then install it then restart the game.. or waiting a few minutes before a match while it updates..

This also isn't uncharted 2.. they stated "you won't even realise"

Corrwin3022d ago

Cool, but we've heard this before from Naughty Dog about Uncharted 2. The multilplayer may be patched, but you still needed an occasional regular patch to download .