Move.Me: Developer Talks About Building Drivers For The PlayStation Move

Announced back at GDC, Move.Me is a server application that allows “academics and hobbyists” to create applications and drivers for the PlayStation Move that is currently in a closed beta. One of the first projects to be revealed for Move.Me was Jacob Pennock’s gesture based mouse driver, that will allow people to use the Move as a super-cool mouse. To learn about his driver, and get a developer’s perspective on Move.Me, we chatted to Jacob in a wide-ranging exclusive interview.

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kyl2773020d ago

I wonder if you could use it with the dolphin emulator?

That would allow true Wiimote vs MOve contests.

doctorstrange3020d ago

While many things in the games industry is subjective (PS3vs360screens, PSN(when up)vs Live), I think it is fair to say - tech wise - Move outclasses Wii.

jdoggystyyle3020d ago

do they actually still make games for this thing? This move thing came and went with a wimper....and i dont know a single person who real life who actually bought this.

doctorstrange3020d ago

Isn't about games, it's about applications

ExPresident3020d ago

Yeah, they even have a game that lets you move a rock, you should start there, your clearly under one.

Emilio_Estevez3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Wow, how ignorant. Why ask a stupid question like that other than to troll? You obviously have the internet, use it.

I really want this, hope I can actually understand how to use it.

badz1493020d ago

obvious troll is obvious! came and went with a wimper? MOVE is here to stay! Sony reported 8 mil units sold and many games using it are coming! you wish that it fails but looks like you're failing even more with that comment!

jdoggystyyle3020d ago

i want it to fail? ya i want move and kinect to fail to be honest. I dont want my gaming to turn into wii fit games/wii sport games. But honestly i have seen no move commercials, advertising, or know one gamer IRL who owns the move. On the other hand most all xbox friends own a kinect. Which i make fun of them for. So if not wanting to sit and wave my hands around to play god of war and gears of war makes me a troll, so be it.

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jneul3020d ago

Lol we all know move would own the wiimote no competition on speed, accuracy or even the way it tracks in 3d

iamnsuperman3020d ago

I am interested by this. See what people will create

doctorstrange3020d ago

Can't wait for when it goes open beta.

M4I0N33020d ago

yeah can't wait to see people make awesome apps for it. I'd like to try playing cs1.6 with the move controller and keyboard if that would be possible LoL.

Bigpappy3020d ago

Are there any public drivers for it yet? I want to see how the hobbiest react to it and what they create for it. It has been really interesting to see what they already have done with Kinect, with out the M$ SDK. I have not seen anything done with the move yet, but I would like to see what people, outside of Sony, do with it.

doctorstrange3020d ago

But supposed to go open soon :)

BigWoopMagazine3020d ago

when it does, I'll probably be toying around with this a little bit. I have a couple ideas that might work with move, but I need to play with it first to see if it would

cryymoar3020d ago

I want to use it with Ableton Live in my live set when DJing. It would sure be dope to manipulate effects with these controllers.

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ftwrthtx3020d ago

The developers are quick to address any bugs or issues. The Move.Me Google page is a great way to communicate with the developers.

Ddouble3020d ago

How is he using linux? Does it come with the applicaiton?

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