Starhawk Confirmed, First Details & Gameplay Images Revealed

Although gamers already knew Starhawk was pretty much going to be unveiled via GTTV tomorrow morning, the first gameplay images for the PS3 exclusive have been revealed. The title has also been confirmed via the game's menu screen showing Starhawk; the game's first details have also been unearthed.

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Valay3025d ago

It's nice that we finally have a confirmation!

NukaCola3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Something about DEV Diaries amongst Sony's teams really make me happy. People just seem to get along, everyone is a gamer first before they are a marketing/designing/producing person etc etc.. They just look like it's fun to do what they do.

They look like family. I love dev diaries from Naughty Dog as well. I don't know why, but I like it when there is no BS and everyone is just enjoying creating games.

WhittO3025d ago

Ye they seem like they get along.

Have to say though, they all seemed like they were ready to go to sleep or something haha, like no energy! atleast came across that way on cam.

Colmshan19903025d ago

I also love watching them, but I do feel they're almost too staged.
Nobody's THAT perfect.

user83971443025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Sony Santa Monica have really good dev diaries too. Naughty Dog have the best dev diaries out there though. They look like a big happy family and always happy with their product.

kaveti66163025d ago

that's a marketing ploy.

every developer, regardless of publisher, always describes his/her studio as a being very independent and non-hierarchical.

"Oh, it's a group effort. Everyone collaborates and has an equal say about what goes into the game."

Basically, they got the idea to describe themselves as being this way because this is how Google presents itself.

None of it is true.

The only studios that remotely resemble this fiction are Valve, Remedy, and iD, and the drawback of being that way is obvious. No deadlines.

NukaCola3025d ago


You should read the wive's letters and watch the dev diaries about Red Dead Redemption. Fighting, quiting, divorce, etc. Rockstar is a prime example of a hostile company. They may produce good stuff, but it's all business and it gets to the point of slavery with them.

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showtimefolks3025d ago

when david jaffe talked about it even though his eat/sleep and play studio is independent that how big of a honor it is to be with sony own studios

on the game note:

I am really glad this is announced now i can't wait to hear more on GTTV plus hear a lot more at E3

sony last year announced bunch of its games before E3 yet still had surprises

epic studio at sony's conference not with gears but a new IP for ps3/xbox360 and pc(came from patcher)

jak series in HD please sony all 4 games first 3 story driven games plus the combat racing game

Nitrowolf23025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Wow. idk why, these obviously look like its story mode, but from these screens alone i have a feeling its gonna have an amazing story. I didn't even see the Starhawk logo there.

FAGOL3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

IGN failed lol. I wonder if they are going to have to pay some sort of fee for showing that developer diary accidently before.

Edit: They've put it back up.

Tony-Red-Grave3025d ago

wasnt there an incident like this before? where some company let lose a sony IP early and got into deep doodoo for that?

Tony-Red-Grave3025d ago

no no not kotaku it was a much smaller site that leaked one of sonys IPs ahead of time when another company had the exclusive rights to reveal it

Nitrowolf23025d ago

i don't remember the site but I think it was Early gameplay footage that they weren't suppose to reveal. I think it was for Killzone 2-3 can't remember, but they apologized to Sony and i think they accepted it.

Tony-Red-Grave3025d ago

yeah it was for kz3 like i said they werent a really big site and they revealed some footage for kz3 if im right though it all blew over after they apologized

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Warprincess1163025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

i thought this was gone to be a sequel to Warhawk. I guess i was wrong.

Urrakia343025d ago

Huh? Starhawk IS the sequel to Warhawk.

Colmshan19903025d ago

I think you're both right.
It's not a sequel in the traditional sense, but it is part of that series.
Then again, can you have a sequel when there is no single-player?
What makes a sequel? Is it continuation of a story line, something taking place in the same universe, or something else altogether?
Great, now I'm confused...

solidboss3025d ago

think of it as this starhawk is to warhawk as dark souls is to demons souls. not an actual sequel but more of a spiritual successor

a_bro3025d ago

its more of a successor to warhawk.

Der_Kommandant3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

"First Details & Gameplay Images Revealed"

What a Joke

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The story is too old to be commented.