DiRT 3 - Developer Session & Ken Block vs Tanner Foust Battle

Two new Gameplay Videos of DiRT 3 shows Ken Block and Tanner Foust in a Gymkhana-Battle. You can also see a Developer Session from this Mode.

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if i was into driving games i would be hyped

Yi-Long2721d ago

... and I'm into rallygames (Rallisport Challenge 2 being my all-time favourite)...

... and Dirt 3 looks great, and it would have been a must-have, if it weren't for the fact that there are only 4 environments for the rally-races, and none of those 4 is an asian level like a gorgeous Japan or Malasia level...

So, I'm disappointed with the lack of environments in the game...

...and TBH ,I'm fearing they have been left out intentionally to release them later on as DLC...

JOLLY12721d ago

People need to quit bringing up rallysport challenge! I miss that game so much. It was so awesome.