GamingOgre: OnLive Micro Console Hardware Review

GamingOgre: OnLive has certainly made some waves in the PC world by allowing gamers almost instant access to games without large downloads, but is their console worth buying? To find out read our review!

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Johnny Jiron3139d ago

Ive enjoyed mine. Just tends to suck the life out of all my bandwidth so I can only play when I'm home alone and don't care to browse online simultaneously.

BiggCMan3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I love the idea of OnLive, but from actual experience, it needs serious fixing. I have an excellent internet connection, yet I still have problems with latency on the service, and not just in games either. Sometimes navigating the menu isn't as smooth as it should be. Also a major problem is the extremely limited library. While it has gotten bigger since it released, they need more games really soon. If they could get every single multiplatform title to release on this thing, that would be HUGE. Those 2 problems are rally the only bad things about this service. You get free 30 minute trials for every game, you can get play passes for a certain amount of days which is much cheaper then renting from a store. Or just buy the whole game, and it plays instantly. I LOVE the brag clips also, they are so much fun to watch other peoples.

Oh I should also mention that I don't have this micro console, I have the program on my computer. Perhaps the console is better with the latency issue, I can't say.

mugoldeneagle033139d ago

I've loved the concept of OnLive since it was first announced. Tons of great features, but there are two things that have always prevented me from getting it.

One is me not being that big of a PC gamer (though I'm sure it would be fairly easy to get used to) and the shitty connection/lag problems I've read from it. Which bums me out.

I know people are gonna hate when I say this, but I'm rreeaallyy hoping Sony, or hell even Microsoft or Nintendo think of way to incorporate this idea and options into a new console down the line and I'd buy it in a heartbeat....

I just need to be able to trust the connection and trust the content. I don't see how "cloud" gaming isn't apart of the future and I wish the Big 3 could stop wasting our time with gimmicks like Motion Control, Kinect, 3D. It's all cool, but I feel like the Menu Layouts and accessibility in terms of friends lists should be wwwwaaaayyyyyy more advanced as it is now.

I should probably stop smoking, so I stop rambling.

3139d ago
a08andan3139d ago

Well this seems like a cool service, but I don't know if it is actually good for the industry. I mean, if games are streamed to your computer, then why would you want to buy a gaming PC if its enough with a basic computer? It could potentially hurt the hardware-development. That is what I am afraid of :P

xilly3139d ago

Ah, but think about this: What if the latest and greatest games don't require a $1500 computer to run at decent settings? That might hurt hardware sales, but that would make gaming far more accessible for people who are on a fixed income or disability and can't afford consoles or expensive computers. It's a double-edged sword, I think.

a08andan3139d ago

I wasn't talking about sales :P I said development ^^ But you are still right, it can possibly make gaming more accessible for a lot of people! I'm just worried that it will hold technology back :)

a08andan3139d ago

Why exactly :P? This isn't about digital distribution though. I myself love digital distribution :) I've bought lots of games digitally the last two months including GTA IV, Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Bioshock 1 & 2 :)

paradigmfellow3136d ago

I want to actually own them. Not license them. Also, I want to show off the box as well. Not only that PSN is a prime example of what could happen if relied on digital distribution.