What Is The Best Xbox 360 Feature?

Gamers Outlook "The Xbox 360 is a powerful and mysterious device whose power is only matched by its mystery. Here are some of the features you can expect from the system, but which is the best have your vote below!"

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Emilio_Estevez4795d ago

Lol, almost none of those are features.

Joni-Ice4795d ago

Ingame Music is my best feature for Xbox.

DERKADER4795d ago

I love being able to stream music from my PC to my 360 in-game. That way I don't have to waste HDD space just to listen to music.

Perjoss4795d ago

favourite thing about my 360 is xbox Live.

Istanbull4795d ago Show
Loner4795d ago

Working online isnt a bad feature to have

theonlylolking4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

"Working online isnt a bad feature to have"Until Christmas when millions of people buy games.

My favorite feature on the xbox 360 is the ability to install entire games on the hard drive.

iHEARTboobs4795d ago

I like installing games also. Less noise, less wear, and a better running game sometimes.

supremacy4795d ago

So is a good working console with tons of exclusives to play.

movements4795d ago

Cross-game chat. PSN needs it.

claterz4795d ago

I wouldn't say it needs it, it would be a good addition for some people, however I think there are more important things that are needed in PSN.

Corepred44795d ago

Very overrated. I'd rather have universal music in all games than chat.

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fluffydelusions4795d ago

Honestly like the Xbox UI better but it could do without the ads

DelbertGrady4795d ago

What ads do you mean? The ones for games and dlc under Spotlight? Maybe we don't have them on the European XBL. I haven't seen any.

My favourite feature is being able to install full games. Although it's not a "feature" I really love XBLA and its constant flow of new games.

Also, having trial demos for all games is great. There are a lot of features I probably take for granted but that I would miss if they were removed or changed. Things like having really fast patching, not having to install demos after they're downloaded etc.

NobleGamer4795d ago

Unparrallel Xbox Live service with many functions. Just to name a few..

Universal Invite System
Universal Chat system ( Cross Game Chat Upto 8-People playing different games )

Xbox Live Identity ( Gamercard and its customisation options available )

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banditgoon4795d ago

I would say the ability to play online is the best feature

KwietStorm_BLM4795d ago

I personally enjoy the timed exclusive feature. Gives me a good long preview.

FuckinUsername4795d ago

Shame timed exclusives are about the only thing it has going for it. Game wise

Oldman1004795d ago

I like the game defaults feature. Having the xbox automatically switch to inverted aim for every game is awesomely convenient.

Corepred44795d ago

I did not know that. I play inverted and it always bugs me that I have to go to options and change it to inverted.

gcolley4795d ago

works great for southpaw as well

Godmars2904795d ago

Face plates are still valid?