PlayStation.Blog: Warhawk v1.1 Patch and Arbiters

Dylan Jobe, Game Director of Warhawk writes on the PlayStation.Blog:

"Hey everyone, its been awhile since I last made a post here. The team and I have been cranking away on support and updates for Warhawk and I thought it'd be a good idea to give you all an update as to what the hell we've been up to."

"We've also been working on a lot of fixes, server-side updates and client patches. Because lets face it, while the team and I were really happy with our launch and players around the globe were having a blast playing, there were some problems that players encountered once we rolled the game out to the masses (stats, connection issues, etc). I'm not going to sugar coat that with a strawberry-flavored, pink, PR candy shell – it's the truth."

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bym051d4107d ago

Holy s***... it's about time.

pwnsause4107d ago

lol at arbiters, the best thing created for a console game so far lol.

vaan4107d ago

Did I read that correctly? 64 player mayhem?

Baba19064107d ago

no, 64 player clans right?

vaan4107d ago

Yeah, shat my pants for a second there. Game still rocks though. I will be on later after my GT5 prologue demo is finished downloading.

Meno4107d ago

While the server capacity is capped at 32 total for now, I was a part of the beta and there were always very strong rumblings of 64 person private servers. It is possible it was lan only, but I heard those rumors too frequently by very good players to just write it off.

I expect to see 64 player online in the future for Warhawk.

Kleptic4106d ago

from Jobe's posts on the beta forum at that time; it appeared the main problem was just the size of the levels...the 5 "worlds" that were finished simply couldn't hold that many people...the amount of carnage would probably turn annoying more than anything...the original number was supposed to be 40, they then kicked it back to 32...64 is probably technically possible from the dedicated servers, but would be too crazy until we get more maps...

as of now...I wish Eucadia could hold a few more players...maybe like 40-45 or so, it seems to be the biggest overall map...but some of them I prefer to play with like 20-24 players for any team based game modes, like badlands and archipelego...32 players keeps everything so bottlenecked that if your team has just one idiot, you will never break through...

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI4107d ago

thats very good. Good thing im getting ps3 trm for this.

Agriel4107d ago

Wonder what this 2nd patch they are working on is. Could it be the rumored expansion pack? Or maybe something like new maps?

d3l33t4107d ago

'That said, many of you have heard rumors or saw the GI article about our Expansion pack...actually, internally here we are calling it a Booster Pack. Why do we call it a Booster Pack? What's in it? ...we'll be providing more info on that topic soon :-)"

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The story is too old to be commented.