Will PSN be Pushed Offline by Users When it Returns?

The PlayStation Network has been down for several weeks now, and users are itching to get back online, but will it even be able to cope when it returns?

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JebusF3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Let's hope not, it'd be a nightmare if it goes down again after coming back!

rockleex3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

People won't instantly know of PSN resuming service.

Hardcore gamers will be the first to know and try to log in.

Everyone else will take a couple days later to find out, effectively spreading the sudden influx of users out over several days.


I assumed this article was only talking about users and not DDOS attacks. But even then, Sony already upgraded their servers to withstand Anonymous' DDOS attacks in the weeks prior to the PSN breach.

Unless Anonymous turns out to be the hackers behind the PSN breach, I don't think they'll be able to do much whenever it comes back online.

DonnieDarko3137d ago

Anon have got it in for Sony even more so now after denying the hack but Sony accusing them of being behind it.

I definitely see more problems and even more firmware updates ahead!

Blaine3137d ago


I think you're right. Hell, the only reason I'm logging into this site so often lately is to be warned as soon as it's back online!

gaffyh3137d ago

@Blaine - Now they're saying t won't be fully online til May 31st :(.

Blaine3137d ago


Nooooo, that would be horrible!

To be perfectly honest, I've been away from my PS3 for a few months now (work related-travelling), so I haven't been affected by the PSN blackout (although I haven't been able to play ANY games since I'm physically without my PS3...). But I'll be home in a few days now, and not for long, and I never expected it to last long enough that I wouldn't get to play online when I got home. :(

rockleex3137d ago


Sony said that? Or speculation?

gaffyh3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Apparently Sony said that, it's on Gamasutra, let me find a link.


AAACE53136d ago

Everything will be alright! Don't worry at all. It will be better than good as new!

nikoado3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

@ gaffyh

Sony said they plan to restore full service by May 31 but they will have some services (like online gaming and account management) up first and then gradually roll out the other services.

It seems the plan is the same but it has been pushed back a little, likely due to the discovery of the attack on SOE :(

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thespaz3136d ago


They said right from the beginning that they hope to have EVERYTHING back up and running by May 31st. That means online gaming, PlayStation Store, and whatever else matters.

They said that they're going to roll out the services starting with online play and ability to view and manage your friends list.

So online gaming will return before May 31st but other services may take longer.

They were supposed to have the online gaming part on before Sunday but that obviously didn't happen.

gaffyh3136d ago

Yeah, just read that story on MCV, panic over I guess.

earbus3137d ago

Should be fine but may back up like an old toilet if its launched on a weekend.

Soldierone3137d ago

Yes...You do realize the millions of users use the service anyways. And when COD BO came out it had the biggest load of all and did fine. Not only that its not like every user in the world is going to jump online the second they say its back...

Ill admit with all the stupid articles floating around, its about time someone spun the words this way though. Good job.

M-Easy3137d ago

That was a smart enough comment to earn you a bubble.

SLEDGE3137d ago

It will probebly be choppy, but hopefully smooth out pretty quick, I just hope it just stays up when it finally gets up, and we can put this whole accident behind us.

the_best_player3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

choppy in what area?
Cause the games servers are not run by Sony.

EA Games turned some of their servers off for old PS3 games.

SLEDGE3137d ago

In choppy, i mean lag and on/off connections and stability with the connection to PSN in general.
I hope it doesnt doh.

And I hope the PSN store comes up relativly quick, the PSN+ update is gonna be huge :D
All that stuff pouring out at the same time :D

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