EA Week on Steam - Day Two: Need For Speed Day

Steam's EA Sale continues with "Need for Speed Day" - save up to 75% on select Need for Speed titles, today only.

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kyl2772724d ago

really?? i always thought people said it went downhill,

actually i suppose the newest ones got decent reviews

Ducky2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

EA more or less just throws an 'NFS' tag on all their racing games.

There's very little internal coherence in the franchise but the games themselves are pretty good.

ncstatefan9532724d ago

I think video game franchises are defined mostly by the first two or three. Those NFS games were great IMO. The newest games were pretty good in their own right too.

dwightmccarthy2724d ago

Dnice! thats a good deal for a great game

DW742724d ago

IMO, I do not think any Need for Speed title, present or future, or even any arcade racing game for that matter, can or will make the impact that the original NFS Underground did. Seems like my brothers and all of their friends and anyone I knew was playing it back in 03. Again, in my opinion.

rrquinta2724d ago

Some really good deals, but I prefer to play my racing games on console.